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How do you choose a Niche that’s going to make money?

It’s one of the biggest problems people face when starting out online, not just because it’s something you need to decide right at the start, but pick the wrong niche and you’re probably never gonna make a bean!

One of the most pushed answers is “go with your passion“, which is great if your passion happens to be in a highly popular and profitable niche, but if your it’s something a bit off beat like “Snail Racing” or “collecting 18th century buttons”, then that bit of advice is not going to help you one bit!

Personally I’m not too bothered about how “passionate” I am about the niche itself, I’d rather know that it’s a profitable one, that’s usually enough to keep me interested, after all, this is a business I’m running, and you should look at it in the same way.

So then it comes down to doing a whole bunch of keyword and market research to make sure…

  • there’s sufficient searches for the niche
  • there’s not too many competing sites to make it impossible to rank
  • the people searching are interested in spending money
  • etc., etc., etc…

Yeah, it can be a fairly long winded process, and you can easily end up researching a dozen or more niches/keywords just to find 1 or 2 potential winners!

Admittedly it does get quicker and easier with practice, especially with the right tools, but you’re still going to spend a whole bunch of time and end up with a list that will only include some “winners”.

The absolute ideal way to do all this would be to have someone who’s experienced, with a proven track record for picking real winners, and get them to do it all for you…

A couple of years ago (Oct’07) a mate of mine, Andrew Hansen, did exactly that and offered it as a product, called Plug and Play Niche Cash.

I got hold of a copy for myself and promoted it to my subscribers as it was so good.

Now I’m not one of those internet marketing “guru’s” who makes their money by “teaching” people to do stuff without actually doing it themselves, a large chunk of my income comes from real blogs and niche sites in LOTS of different markets.

I have been doing this for over 10 years and have over 500 live active websites, some of which I haven’t even touched in 4 or 5 years and they still make money because I picked the right niche in the first place.

So here’s the real “proof” for me about Andrew’s Plug and Play Niche Cash, I used the niches myself to bang out a few blogs and they ended up making me more money (FAR more) than promoting the product to my subscribers.

In fact quite a few of those sites are still making money for me, over 2 years later, and I haven’t touched them since I built them and did a bit of backlinking for them!

That’s the power of picking the right niche in the first place.

By now you’re probably realized where I’m going with this…

Yes, Andrew has just released a new version on Plug and Play Niche Cash, with over 150 BRAND NEW profit pulling niches researched and ready to go for you!

It launched yesterday and I left it until today to let you know as I wanted to get a copy for myself and check out the niches to make sure they’re as good this time as they were last time, and they are!

IMPORTANT: To keep this fairly exclusive, Andrew is only offering 500 copies and 300 have already been taken, so you need to grab yours right now!

Here’s the link again: –

Plug and Play Niche Cash

And as a bonus I’ll offer to install and configure your blog for you!

Note 1: I’m still in the process of setting up the 15 blogs I offered as a bonus for Jeff Dedrick’s Automated Traffic system, so it may be a week or so before I can do these.

Note 2: I’m not offering a domain or hosting for this bonus, due to the nature of the product you will need to choose a niche, and then decide on a domain name, register it and have some hosting ready to use.

I will however be happy to offer my help on this, just let me know the niche/keyword you choose and I’ll help choose a good domain name, show you where to register it, how to change the nameservers and where to some good/cheap hosting, although Andrew does include videos for this in the PnP Profits products as well.

So go grab your copy of  Plug and Play Niche Cash now, while you still can, then paste your reciept and chosen niche/keyword in to a support ticket on and we can get started!

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Comment by Daniel Sumner
2010-05-19 13:27:35

Hey Matt,

It is hard to find profit in some of the strangest of passions like you said ‘snail racing’ isn’t going to make you any money. You have to say away from passions which are not popular as your subscriber base will never grow at all! You could spend months of your time writing your blog and have no traffic results.

My advice would be to pick a series of interests and pick the most popular and profitable ones, narrow your pick to two or three research profit and popularity and just go for it.

As for your offer matt that’s just an awesome bonus! The biggest pain is getting off the ground! Not all bloggers are technical minded, you could be a great writer but can’t get off the ground. Nice one Matt:)

Comment by normz2
2010-05-22 10:23:20

Finding the right niche can be vey difficult. I only have 7 sites up now. In my big site Information Depot I have many topics. I am taking the topics that create the most traffic and building sites around them. Then I link the sites together to create more traffic.

Comment by patricia
2010-05-23 10:49:59

Finding the right niche is not really too difficult. The reason it is difficult for a lot of people, is that they interests change very easily on a whim. It’s hard to find people who are grounded in a particular thing.

Comment by Eliezer
2010-05-25 04:41:30

Great topic Matt; I realized that niche discovery and market research are the foundation of an Internet Business, and that’s of course where I always got stuck.
Plus, it’s a topic that’s not too well covered by mentors, and I believe the reason is because when you break the barrier to niche finding and researching, it get’s so easy that you forget that it was ever an obstacle, so mentors don’t bother to even cover it too much.
So, thanks very much for posting this great one!

Comment by Alex CH
2010-05-25 05:21:20

Hi Matt,
I think this is a very good offer. Andrew is going directly into the product name/domain, straight into the meat of it and to me it is a proper way of moving on.

Comment by Shahril
2010-06-07 22:03:21

Hi Matt,
I’m new at these stuff and only have one website up. There are so many things that i still don’t understand. I’ve only just started for about a month and still trying to figure out how to use the cpanel. Your offer is very tempting, so is the PnP really worth while for me.?. Can i really use it?

Comment by admin
2010-06-15 22:23:55

Yup, PnP includes all the training you need to be able to start from scratch.


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