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I’ve been working on a Blog Carnival Submission service, it started as a project for my own business, but I figured as it works so well for me, I should be offering it to you as well!

I’ve been using the service myself for a few weeks now, but I’d like to introduce a just a few new people to make sure it’s absolutely spot on before I “go public” with it, so this is your opportunity to get in early…

If you’d like to get a free month’s worth of Blog Carnival Submission service then there’s two ways you can do so: –

1. Pick up a copy of Alvin Phang’s excellent Atomic Blogging using the link below and send a copy of your receipt to me – ask matt garrett

Atomic blogging

2. If you’ve already got Atomic Blogging then you can pick up either a copy of Jacobi’s new AdWord Profits 2 report here: –

AdWords Profits 2

or Tina’s superb “Selling Scruffy’s” here: –

Selling Scruffys

and email me a copy of your receipt – ask matt garrett

both of these are products I’ve got myself and have mentioned to you before, as they’re very good, so the free month of blog carnival submissions is my bonus to you!

n.b. make sure when you get to the payment page that the “ID=CONFIRM” at the bottom of the page.

I’ll get back to you asap with all the details I need from you for the blog carnival submission service!

p.s. I’m only offering this to the first 10 people who email me their receipt, so if you want to check that there are still places available email me ask matt garrett to check.

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