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For the last month or so (if not longer) my Feedburner RSS Feed for this blog hasn’t been working correctly, and whatever I tried I couldn’t work out why…

I’ve tried switching different plugins on and off, even turning all of them off.

I also had my themes coder check the code for this theme over with a “fine tooth comb”, and even tried restiing the theme to the default one for a short while.

none of which worked! 🙁

Then yesterday a friend of mine suggesting I should go back and check the simplest of things, like whether I’d entered the original feed url in to my FeedBurner account properly, I guess he knows how bad my typing can be at times… lol!

Well, he was right, which goes to show you should always check the simplest and basic stuff first!

it turned out I had included the “www.” in the url for the original RSS feed in FeedBurner, the moment I removed that the problem was solved, at last!

So a  BIG Thank You to Chris Merriman for reminding me to “Keep it Simple Stoopid” and you can now sign up to the BlogTactics RSS Feed succesfully! 🙂

Feedburner Feeds Problem Fixed

RSS feed


Comment by Chris Merriman
2008-10-30 19:10:58

Glad it is all working now. Your post reminded me to go and check my feedburner account to see what needed updating/tweaking. I’ve finally got around to putting up my chicklet thingy. Oh, and the main blog is about to hit 100,000 uniques since I started, around 400/day right now – thanks again for setting me down this path.

Comment by admin
2008-10-30 19:49:15

Hi Chris,
I must get around to adding the chicklet thing too, not been a lot of point until I got the feed working tho.. 🙂
thanks again for the help!
congrats on the success of your blog and there’s no need to thank me mate, you’ve done plenty to help me in return!
talking of which, we need to get that book updated and released!


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