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This page is to help you find answers to the most “Frequently Asked Questions”.

There are some questions that crop up over and over again in support requests I receive, so in an attempt to save myself answering those questions over and over again, I’m going to do a series of posts answering them in detail and then link to each post from this page so that you can find them more easily.

If you have any questions that you are currently stuck on, please feel free to leave a comment below, although I can’t say how soon I will be able to post a full reply. 🙂

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Comment by noritha
2010-05-27 21:50:39

I have been creating blogs using and now I would like to create my own. I an concerned with how to get noticed in Google. I hear people spend lots of money attempting to get at the top of Google result list. What is your suggestion for this,
because I can have a site sitting for ever with no affiliate purchases.

Comment by admin
2010-07-08 14:15:24

Hi Noritha,
there’s actually lots of different ways you can get good search results in google, and lots of free traffic from it, from article marketing, to video submissions, and social bookmarking, to mention just a few of the free ones.
I’ve recently made a blog post on the topic that might help you: –

Comment by Mark Richards
2011-09-28 00:28:32

Hello Matt,

I have been in the IM scene for couple of years now, the biggest problem is getting targetted traffic quick! I know paid traffic is the only solution to quick traffic but adwords CPC is too high to make any decent profit or any profit at all. I have tried MSN adcenter but the volume is too low and the conversions terrible. Some smaller adnetworks like bidvertiser etc are also worthless. Are you using any paid source of traffic with any success?

Thank you!

Comment by admin
2011-09-28 14:57:29

Hi Mark,
I don’t use any paid forms of traffic at the moment, I don’t find I need to as I have so many SEO’d WP blogs and list building going on.
From speaking with other people (fellow marketers) the best option at the moment is still Facebook paid ads.

Comment by Willie
2011-09-28 04:58:50

I am relatively new at IM and have 2 websites/blogs running and they’re pretty well up in google for their domain and title names.
I want to create squeeze pages for these 2 sites, what I would like to know is do I have to create another domain name for the squeeze pages or what else can I do.

I would also like to know is how to link the squeeze pages to the websites so that once the optin form is completed the person is taken straight to the website.

Any other tactics for traffic and keeping sites high in search engines would also be greatful.

thank you,

Comment by admin
2011-09-28 15:02:03

Hi Willie,

nope, you don’t need to create seperate domains for squeeze pages, you can use a static “Page” on your blog, or simply upload an html squeeze page, just make sure you call the page something appealing like “FreeOffer(.html)”

Having people who optin automatically taken to to your website or offer page after they have opted in is usually a feature within whichever autoresponder you use.

I’m going to be releasing “” soon, but in the meantime I did a series of blog posts a while back on getting traffic: –

Comment by Mark
2011-09-28 09:54:26

Hello Matt,
I have a few websites that bring in a little Adsense money each month. As I’m always building new sites I’d like to know your thoughts on linkbuilding. How fast should I build links to a brand new site and do you reccommend certain site types over others?

Best wishes – Mark

Comment by admin
2011-09-28 15:04:52

Hi Mark,
there’s two important aspects to link building: –
1. Variety
2. Consistency
You should try and get backlinks from a variety of soures to make sure it all appears natural to the search engines, so use blog comments, article submissions, videos submissions, social bookmarking sites, social profile sites etc.
And spread the out over time, as well as keep doing them.
If you try and get a few hundred in the first few weeks and then stop it doesn;t exactly look natural…

Comment by Wes
2011-09-30 00:32:17

Hey, Matt –

I’m fairly new to Internet Marketing. On the heels of a recent
email from you re: Video Tutorials, I’d like to learn :
1) How to place personal videos on WordPress pages without
using embeds from YouTube or Amazon S3 (i.e., using my
domain’s server) ?
2) What free or low-cost video player software you recommend
for both WordPress & regular websites ?
3) What is your preferred method of video delivery on
blogs ?

Thank you. I appreciate your expertise.
– Wes

Comment by admin
2011-10-03 21:02:03

Hi Wes,

1. I haven’t hosted videos on my own server for years, simply because it’s not worth the cost in bandwidth, especially when there are such good alternatives available.

To do so you simply need to save the video in the correct format when you create it, it’s usually called the “Web” version or “.swf”.

You should end up with a bunch of files to upload to your server, probably including these: –


2. I use Camtasia, but the best free video recorder I know of is and I’m sure that will have an option for creating .swf videos.

The support forum and/or FAQ (both on that download page) will likely include how to upload the videos to your own server.

3. my preferred method, with the old “KISS” principle in mind, is to stick my videos on youtube and use a plugin ( to embed the videos on my blog posts, this way I usually end up getting a whole lot of extra (free) traffic from the video on Youtube itself. 🙂


Comment by John
2011-09-30 07:47:09

Hello Matt,
I would very much appreciate your help please as I am desperate to upload my sales page to the web.
The page has been completed in NVU and my problem is how to get it from NVU to a folder on my desktop. Once that is done I can take it from there. In the desktop folder there is already a) a folder for index.html and b) a folder of images.
I have tried to drag and drop the sales page but that does not work in File Zilla

I find the “publish” page in NVU less than clear, to me at least! I expect you know your way around the page to which I refer
If you could help me I will be more than pleased to elevate you to the Order of Knight In Shining Armour and should there be a charge please do let me know.
I am hoping this is something you can help me with.

Many thanks,
John Beer

Comment by admin
2011-10-03 21:08:46

Hi John,

when you are saving the sales page in NVU browse to your desktop and create a folder for that specific website somewhere that you know you can find, perhaps under a folder for “Websites” on your desktop.

This way you will be able to browse to the file in FileZilla to upload it to your website.

The drag and drop function does work in FileZilla, but there is also the optin to highlight a file or folder and then rigth click it to choose “upload”.

There’s a video I made a while back here on using FileZilla: –


Comment by rusty garner-smith
2011-09-30 13:01:31

Hey Mat; First,let me thank you again for all you offer,both free and the wso’s. I really appreciate all you give to us know nothing newbies. Secondly,your blog UKSafari is excellent. I hadn’t thought how many different subjects one could set up a site for. You’ve given me more insight,and ideas for my own business,providing,I stop procrastinating,and get down to work. Thanks again,you really do rock! :roll:

Comment by admin
2011-10-03 21:10:49

Hi Rusty,
the UKSafari blog isn’t one of mine, I mentioned it as I found it whilst researching the big hairy legged house spiders, as per my email. 🙂
But, yes, there’s no end to the number of niches that you can create blogs for, but obviously some subjects will be far less profitable than others…

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