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Epic Resale Rights Firesale

Top Internet Marketer Eric Holmlund is running another of his totally EPIC 7 day fire sales and it’s a hum dinger!

here’s the quick link  ~> Epic Resale Rights Firesale

the fire sale includes: –

¬ 33 software programs
¬ 15 complimentary ebooks
¬ 7 day course showing how to get set up online
¬ sales pages for the products
¬ user guides for the software

these will be your own software programs that you can sell as your own, so pretty much a ready made software business for you…

and, as always with Eric’s 7 day sales, the price is ridonculously cheap!

Seriously, you won’t believe the price once you’ve seen what you’re getting…

all the programs are up to date and work, complete with user guides in pdf and MS Word format, so you can add things to them yourself and put your own name to them

the user guides are detailed, including full sets of screen shots to help people get up and running with them

here’s the list of software tools you get: –

  1. Easy PR Booster
  2. Email Protector
  3. My Ad Rotator
  4. Intelligent 404
  5. Blogging Ninja (automate your blog posting)
  6. Content Maximizer
  7. Synonym Miner
  8. Traffic Scorpion
  9. Modal Popup Maker (create unblockable popups)
  10. Project Manager
  11. Testimonial Tool
  12. Keyword Tool
  13. Keyword Ninja
  14. Keyword Harvester
  15. List Cleaner
  16. Adword Analyst
  17. PPC Campaign Calculator
  18. Competition Equalizer
  19. Conversion Equalizer (custom landing page creator)
  20. Article Analyzer
  21. Article Indexer
  22. Merge Articles
  23. Google Rank Analyzer
  24. Link Partner Analyzer
  25. PR Ninja
  26. Instant Content Creator
  27. My Blog Announcer
  28. My RSS Converter
  29. Find & Replace
  30. FTP Uploader
  31. Site Searcher
  32. Email Assistant
  33. Xyber Brander (can be used with the other programs to add your own adverts to the software tool for viral cross promotion)

and here’s the ebooks, which also come with sales pages: –

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Blogging Your Way To Financial Success
  3. Blog Operations
  4. Content Management Solutions
  5. Joint Ventures
  6. Maximize Your AdSense CTR
  7. Newsletter Publications
  8. Opt-in Mailing Lists
  9. PPC Marketing
  10. Profit Equalizer
  11. SEO Strategies Part 1
  12. SEO Strategies Part 2
  13. Traffic Generation
  14. Viral Marketing
  15. Website Design & Development

and you get The Software Development Guide so you know how to develop your own new software products when you are ready to do so

AND a 7 Day Workshop to Setting Up Your Online Business including 7 days of step by step tutorial videos

Heck, I was happy to grab these just for my own personal use, getting the full “white label” (that means they don’t have anyone’s name on them, so you can claim them as your own) resale rights to them all as well is just NUTS!!

**as in “The Mutt’s Nuts”…. lol!

remember, Eric is serious about this only being available for 7 days, it will be taken down on August 22nd, so don’t miss out, go grab your copy right now: –

~>Epic Resale Rights Firesale

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1 Comment

Comment by Sally
2010-08-20 18:14:04

Wow what a package and I totally loved the video for it, very funny!

Looks like a fabulous package and I will seriously be considering buying it.

Sally 🙂


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