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Drip Feed Food Recipe Blogs

2,681 drip feed blog posts for you…

The ‘recipes’ niche gets massive traffic, here’s a few examples of the numbers: –

  • Beer Recipe = 246,000 Monthly Searches
  • Banana Recipe = 823,000 Monthly Searches
  • Carrot Recipe = 368,000 Monthly Searches
  • Corn Recipe = 673,000 Monthly Searches
  • Coconut Recipe = 368,000 Monthly Searches
  • Ham Recipe = 368,000 Monthly Searches
  • Orange Recipe = 246,000 Monthly Searches
  • Peach Recipe = 201,000 Monthly Searches
  • Potato Recipe = 1,500,000 Monthly Searches
  • Salmon Recipe = 673,000 Monthly Searches
  • Shrimp Recipe = 673,000 Monthly Searches
  • Tuna Recipe = 368,000 Monthly Searches

so how can you advantage of this amazing niche right now..?

Simple, get hold of some pre-written recipes, in fact you can get 2,681 recipe blog posts across 50 sub-niches within the recipes niche, that you can drip feed in to your blog on autopilot.

the best thing is this is an ‘evergreen’ niche, it’s gets some of the highest searches you can get and it’s not some kind of ‘fad’ or seasonal market.

you also get built in affiliate links to make money on autopilot as well!

get started in the recipes niche today ~>

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