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You’ve probably noticed that some sites have a different icon in your internet browser from the standard internet explorer or firefox icon.

Here’s a pic with a few example favicons on some of my sites:

example website favicons

Some of them actually look pretty cool, but more importantly, they help to “brand” a site and make it stand out.

The icon, called a “favicon”, is also used in the broswer “Favorites/bookmarked sites” list when a visitor adds that site, which again helps that site stand out and be easier to spot, making it more likely that the visitor will remember the site and come back.

so you probably want to know how easy it is to do this for your own blog or website, right..?

Here’s a video showing just how easy it is to create your own favicon using a graphics tools you can download for free here:


This video is 6 Mins 5 seconds long.

Later today I’ll post another video showing you how to add the bit of html code you need to your blog or website to make your favicon show up, so stay tuned…

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