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Choosing Amazon Affiliate Products

Amazon’s associate (aka affiliate) program is one of the simplest way’s of making decent online income from niche blogs, but finding the best products to promote can be a long winded, time consuming and boring process, even when you know what you’re doing!

wouldn’t it be easier if you could just get a list of all the very best new products researched for you..?

Quicklink ~> Amazing Product Lists

Don’t get me wrong, finding the best products to promote isn’t really that difficult, it just sucks up your time, energy and enthusiasm, leaving you drained and not wanting to complete your site… 😉

Even when you know what you’re doing it can often take up to an hour to find just one “gold nugget” product in just one department/niche, and even then you’re not going to be sure whether you’ve picked the best product on offer in that niche…

Up until now the only way to make sure has been to put hours and hours of mind numbing, repetetive ‘research’.

In this modern day isn’t that the kind of thing that we should be getting automated..?

Yup! 🙂

I’ve got a friend who’s a big Amazon affiliate and he came to the same conclusion.

So he’s written a script that applies his own personal (and proven) formula for finding hot products to promote.

This script analyses literally thousands upon thousands of products on Amazon, across 23 different departments, and then measures each one against the his ‘time tested’, success checklist.

The program spits out a brand new list of products that meet this success signals every week, throwing up brand new products to target…

This really is Amazing niche product selection made simple!

So what kind of criteria does the system use..?

1. The product price must be $150 or more. With commission levels of between 4% and 8%, ‘lead’ products must offer a healthy return on your efforts.

2. The discount that Amazon are offering compared to the product’s original list price should be at least 25%. This gives people a clear reason to click on your affiliate link.

3. The selected product must be high on Amazon’s ‘popularity’ listing. Current popularity means that there is a real, and usually large, amount of interest in the product. The more interest, the more traffic available, the more potential profits for you.

4. The Amazon star rating should be at least 4.5. This is one of the most vital pieces of the puzzle, and yet it’s one that very few affiliates make use of.

5. The number of reviews that customers have written. Your should be targeting products with more than 10 reviews, partly as the reviews provide great “social proof” for the product, increasing it’s conversion, but also because you want a good number of reviews available to use as content for your site.

You can see that researching and analysing all that data for just one product is going to take time, and Amazon have millions of products to choose from!

That’s why you need to automate the process, so you can simply cherry pick the ripest fruit…

BUT there’s also a second “list” that get’s produced for you, the “bargains” list.

This is a list of fantastic deals that is created using a different set of criteria: –

1. the product must be on sale at an 80% discount or better. It can be amazing how many incredible products are being sold off for pennies on the dollar.

2. the product must rank high in Amazon’s popularity rating, in other words pipular products that people are actively looking to buy.

3. the minimum star rating for the product is at least 3.5

4. the product must have at least 5 reviews

This gives you even more great, in demand, high converting products to choose from to promote, again you can just scan through the list and pick the best one’s for your site!

You can get both these list every week (on a Wednesday) to download (inc. .csv and .xls format), and each list usually has 600+ items listed, so there really is a LOT of choice…

If you have any niche blogs there’s almost certainly going to be products on amazon that will compliment your content and be a good fit for your visitors, now you can find the best one’s without all the time cosuming effort!

check it out here: ~> Amazing Product Lists

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