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Use Facebook like an autoresponder [plugin]



We all have the same problem, our email inbox just gets busier & busier everyday!

the same is true for all your prospects, so your emails to them get read less & less often…

you need a way to reach out to them that doesn’t get buried in their inbox, a way that they can’t miss, that they’re actually looking for…


Facebook is it!


check out the demo video:

**Note: this is going up in price later today!!

This is a real simple plugin that takes just minutes to get set up and works with all the main autoresponders.

it basically let you treat Facebook like your own personal autoresponder!

when someone clicks on your Facebook connect button on your blog this adds them to which ever autoresponder list you choose, with their Facebook email, which will be a real, working email.

then, whenever you want, you can send them a Facebook update notification straight from your plugin.

WP SMO plugin – THE most important ‘Social SEO’ plugin available today..? [imho]

I’ve only just picked this one up myself, so I’ve not had chance to do a demo video for it yet, but I will asap!

WP Social Booster

This is probably going to be the most important plugin you can get your hands on this year as far as ‘SEO’ goes, as it deals with all the new stuff that Google wants to see to rank your site…

And I’m including spanking new, bang up to date, bleeding edge stuff like “Facebook open graph”!

With this running on your blogs you’ll be ahead of the curve (and your competition) for a change…

here’s a quick ‘hitlist’ of what’s included: –

~ Google Structured Data aka Rich Snippets (Microdata) – Automatically implements the Rich Snippets Tagging for all of your Content.

~ Google Authorship – Seamlessly integrates Google Authorship for Single and Multi-Author blogs.

~ Facebook Open Graph – Automatically optimizes your Blog for Facebook Open Graph SEO and the New “Graph Search”.


How To Create Mobile Apps

How to create Mobile Apps

aka. What makes a “no brainer”?

that’s a phrase I don’t use very often, but occaisionally something comes along that deserves it…

Quicklink: ~> Mobile App Software

So what actually makes something potentially a “no brainer”?

imho, it’s gotta be something that: –

a. offers far greater value than the cost of the investment
b. is simple to get to grips with and use/learn from
c. offers real potential for increasing your online income.

I believe this ticks all of those boxes without any problems!

We all know that Mobile Apps are hot right now, and only likely to get more and more popular.

What most people don’t realise is how easy it can be to build and profit from them, either by building apps for your own business, or for other people’s businesses.

As usual, all you need is the right tool for the job…

In August last year a new app building system was released. It was released for a limited time as a “Beta” offer, in other words still in testing and any new members at that time would be expected to help out with feedback to make the product even better.

Add a Facebook Fanpage Blog Widget

This quick video shows just how easy it is to get extra Facebook Fanpage followers by adding a “Like Box” widget to your blog sidebar…

as always, please feel free to leave your feedback and comments!

[this post:]


Fiverr Clone Script

If you’ve not heard of yet then you’re missing out on one heck of a cool site!

Fiverr is a “micro jobs” buying and selling marketplace for online service providers.

You can pay someone to complete a task they’re good at for you.

and the best bit, you only pay $5…

Fiverr can not only be useful for finding people to do stuff for you (you’d be amazed at what you can get done!), but it can also be a bit of a absolute goldmine for you if you’re looking to make some quick cash.

If you want to learn more about just how you can use it for making some cash yourself, then there’s a new report that shows how, and right now it’s just $5 🙂

check it out here: –

oh, there is an option to grab master-resale-rights for the report as well, and that’s still under $10…

however, Fiverr is also a great business model that you can use yourself, for all sorts of different “niches”, all you need is a Fiverr Clone Script, and I happen to have found a great one here: –

Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, Myspace – we’ve all heard of these sites right..?
they’re all huge “community” sites that not only generate their own content, they make their owners a LOT of dosh!!!

so how about getting your own…

Get Your Own Social Network Site Business

the video’s not very long and the guys show you the whole process of how you can get your own social network site and have the entire thing hands free automated, and be profiting from it ASAP!

if you’ve been looking for a way of getting an online business that doesn’t involve having your won product or service, or list building, or ppc, or adsense, or even blogging..

then this is it!

oh, I should also have mentioned that the guys behind the social networking site stuff hold your hand through every step you need, so they’re very limited on how many people they can do this with, so PLEASE go do this NOW: –

Your Social Network Site Business


Giveaways Gift Reminder ->

Discover just how easy it is to get extra traffic, backlinks and blog readers to your blog with the BlogNetwork application on facebook with this short video [5.18 mins]

Get the BlogNetwork Facebook Application

Social Marketing Blogging


Submitting Videos for Traffic

I use quite a few different techniques for driving traffic to my different sites and blogs, although I tend to try different tactics for different sites, the main method that I use for all of my sites is getting one way backlinks from other sites, and automating or outsourcing the process as much as possible to make it a “hands free” process.

I don’t do reciprocal linking at all, I gave up on it over two years ago now, as I simply found it far too time consuming for the value of the links I would get.

For this blog I have concentrated on just a couple of tactics to see how well they work, and I’m obviously fairly pleased with the results, as the site currently gets between 350 to 500 unique visitors each day, on average.

I’ve previously posted about using BlogCarnivals to get traffic, so I thought it was time I posted something about the main method I use to drive new targeted visitors to this site, video submissions.