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600+ of MY Best Marketing Tools & Resources Rated & Reviewed for you…

emt-wso-sI’m sharing all the best tool and software that I use to make life easy…

having the right tool for the job can save you a massive amount of time and headaches, I’ve gathered a massive colelction of them over the years, tolls and software for practically every occasion and circumstance!

now, with the help of a friend and fellow blogger, I’ve put together those tools all in one place so I can share them with you.

here’s just a taste of some of the 600+ Essential Marketing Toolkit “Gold Nuggets” covered: –

Gold Nugget #1: Affiliate Network Report – Which Are The Best Affiliate Networks for Specific Tasks?

Gold Nugget #2: SEO Resource Guide – What Are The Best SEO Resources?

Gold Nugget #3: Web Marketing Toolkit – The Web Marketing Tools You Can’t Do Without!

Gold Nugget #4: Screen Measuring Utility – Speed up your Image Edits!

Gold Nugget #5: Real-time Colour Picker – Find the #HTML or RGB Colour of Anything in Seconds!

Some changes, an apology and a gift for you.

over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a disturbing change in how I spend my time…

I’m now spending 3-4 hours every day just answering email questions on a “1 to 1” basis and it’s stopping me having the time to do more useful stuff that can benefit all of my blog readers & subscribers, like products tests, tips & real lessons, & (my favorite) tutorial videos on the stuff you really need to know…

I do enjoy being able to chat with people and help out wherever I can, but I need to get back to doing it more on a “1 to many” basis so I can help more people, rather than just a few people.

So I Apologise, but I’m going to have to be a lot tighter on the time I spend answering questions on a personal “1 to 1” basis, to get back to making the lessons, tips and videos that I enjoy doing and can help more people…

What this means for you?

What is the real secret to success?</p>

well, there’s one simple secret that make’s a massive difference to whether you become successful, or not…

[drum roll please…]

the secret is knowing how to get the answers you need, when you need them, and from someone who has the knowledge you need!

sounds simple when it’s put like that doesn’t it, but the problem is obviously getting access to the right person for your question just when you need it, and that’s nto so easy…

you can try in a forum, and you might get lucky and have your question answered by someone who actually knows the right answer, or you could end up getting a whole bunch of conflicting answers, all from people who have read the answer somewhere else, rather than having done it themselves, so how do you know which (IF ANY) is the right answe..?

you can pay for high priced coaching, but you’re still relying on answers from just one “expert”, and have to hope they will be able to answer your question when you need it…


Nothing Works Part 2

Clive (aka “The Grumpy Old Chef”) posted another comment on my “Nothing Works” post (you should read that and the comments first if you haven’t already, Clive’s original comments are about half way down the page) that I felt needed a longer reply than is really suitable for a “comment”, so this post is my reply.

Here’s Clive’s comment: –

No, I’m not defeated – I had no expectations from the start. Everyone laughed at me from day one.

I thought of capturing emails by giving the book away for emails but I’ve found that those who’ve signed up for a freebie have no intention of ever buying anything.

Apart from that, it took me six months VERY hard work to write and it WILL save people money.

Maybe I should just write some IM hype and sell for $97. LOL Everyone else is making a fortune this way.

I’ve never bought a single IM product that’s made me a cent.

I have sales page templates – I’ll have to see if I can use them.


Nothing Works

Here’s a question I received in my inbox this week….

“Please tell me, honestly, where do you get your money from? Cos I have tried everything, and nothing works. What you hiding?”

as my answer ended up being a bit long, I thought I’d share it here…

What am I hiding?

Ok [name removed], here’s the secret, but keep it too yourself…

“focus and persistence”

Yup, it’s pretty much that simple.

Find something you like doing and stick at it, don’t jump on to the next “shiny new thing” when you don’t make your first $1k in the first week!

What do I make money from?

Well, this list is probably going to make your comment “’Cos I have tried everything, and nothing works” seem a little off the mark…

Article Marketing – I’ve made as much as $2,000+ in 24 hours with just one article, but don’t expect to get that kind of result straight away, be persistent…

Keep writing new articles and testing new “markets” to find what works for you, then do more of it, then do some more!


What You Think

for some strange reason people keep sending me nice comments about my BlogTactics videos (thanks!), so I thought I’d set up a page to share them on!

I’ve added a “Feedback” page to BlogTactics so that anyone who wants to leave a few comments can do so here: –

I’ve also added a FAQ page where I’m going to be adding the answers I write to frequently asked support questions I receive, although that’s not an open invite to send me all your questions, I have a bit of a pile to work with already, thanks! 🙂

and talking of testimonials, have you seen the number of fantastic success stories on Kevin Riley’s Product Creation Labs..?

go take a look now – Product Creation Labs

The BlogTactics Blog Setup Guide Videos Page is back up, listing all 55 current videos, that’s almost 3 hours worth of wordpress blog lessons!

I think it’s worth mentioning that some marketing/blogging “guru’s” are also offering similar videos, but they charge you for them.

I set up BlogTactics to share what I have learnt (and am still learning) about blogging and I intend to keep adding more useful videos here for you for free.

I don’t need to earn a living from this blog, I have many other websites, blogs and info products that take care of that for me, although I do sometimes recommend products that cost money, but only those which I am using myself and have found valuable to my own business.

and I tend to “promote” them by making a video for you to show exactly how to use them and how they work, so that it’s easy for you to decide whether they have value to your own online business…

You can view the whole list on the BlogTactics Videos page, but I thought I’d give you a quick recap on some of the more popular ones: –


not only did 2007 zoom by, but 2008 seems to be trying to do the same…

I can’t believe this is my first post of 2008 on here, sorry about that!

I do have an “excuse” though, I’ve been fairly busy working on a few new projects that are almost ready for release.

the new BlogTactics WordPress themes are done and I’ll be adding them along with some videos on how to get the most out of them over the next week or so, as they have some fairly neat “features” built in.

I’ll also be posting a bunch of new videos to help you make the most of your blogs in 2008

The new videos include:

1. adding a RSS directory Ping List to your WordPress blog, including where to get my list of sites to ping to use
2. how to get backlinks from your facebook profile page
3. making a favicon for your site
4. adding a favicon to your blog or website
5. using to stumble your sites for traffic
6. adding the Technorati widget to your blog
7. adding the MyBlogLog widget to your blog
8. adding the BlogCatalog widget to your blog
9. increasing your alexa rank
10. setting up a squidoo page
11. using hubpages for traffic