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Article Writing Software Tool: Beta Testers Needed…

I bet I’m not the only one who’s had this: –

You need to get a post written for your blog, or perhaps an article for submission, so you sit down with a blank screen to get it done, and you end up just sitting there staring at the blank page, until you find something else to distract you…

and the blog post, or article, just doesn’t get written!

Sometimes you just can’t get started, you need somewhere to start from, some spark or idea…

yup, I guessed that wasn’t just me! 😉

it happens, there’s even a name for it, ‘writer’s block’, you may not be an author pening some ‘War & Peace” epic, but you can still get the dreaded writer’s block, all the same!

and most of the time all it will take to get you through is a few simple ideas to give you somewhere to start from…

one of the things I love about spending so much time is, sooner or later, someone provides us with a solution to these kind of problems, and this one is a doozy!

A mate of mine, Chris Freville, has been giving away a whole bunch of cool info for free over the last week or so, including: –

~> Step By Step Video Of How I Built A Brand New List Of 2,952 Subscribers In 72 Hours [27 min Video]

~> Free Landing Page Templates [zip download]

~> The $500 a day Blueprint [pdf download]

~> Building Your List From Zero [pdf download]

This is some seriously cool info on how to get your list building started and turn it in to an automated system, using the method that Chris uses himself to build his own $45,000+ a month income…

and you can grab it all for FREE right now, I’ll show you how in a moment…

so why has Chris been giving away all this cool free stuff?

Simple, he’s got a fantastic new course he’s offering and the doors have opened on it today, called Internet Marketing Empires, but that means you’ve missed out on the freebies, right?



Free Twitter Blog Plugin

If you’ve got a blog and you’re already on Twitter then you should realise that the two combined can bring you even more traffic, so just go grab the plugin here: –

If you’ve got a blog but aren’t on Twitter yet, go open a twitter account now: –

then sign up to “follow” me to see what it’s all about here: –

then go grab the brand new (and free) Plugin that brings your blog and your twitter account together here: –

What does the plugin do?

Simple, when you make a post on your blog it automatically posts it in twitter, and when you make posts in twitter the last few (your choice how many) are displayed on your blog, so it feeds visitors from your blog to your twitter account and vice versa…

I’m also going to do a few videos on using Twitter as there’s some cool features that are well worth knowing about, as well as some neat tools (like Thwirl) that make it easier to use, not that it’s exactly difficult in the first place..

ok, you should know how this works by now, there is not just one, but TWO great giveaways going on right now that you should go check out to find the best free stuff…

1. The Golden Week Giveaway from James Brown

My recommendations to grab: –

gift #4 – Gobala Krishan’s Death of a Wannabe Blogger
gift #6 – Heri Rosyadi’s You’ve Got Cash Report & Video
gift #7 – Kevin Riley’s Creating a Stream of Affiliate Commissions With Video Commercials
gift #11 – Richard Wing’s 9,000 PLR articles
gift #22 – Scott Case’s 7 Master Resell Rights Videos

Golden Week Giveaway

2. Lady Angel’s Giveaway

My recommendations to grab: –

Easy Ebook Creator
Advanced WordPress Training Tutorials
HubPages BluePrint V2 (N.B. I sell this for $17!!)
Watchman Pro – monitor your websites
Software for Every Occaision

Lady Angel’s Giveaway

oh, and don’t forget, the important thing with these giveaways is not to download everything!
If you do you will probably not get around to using/reading any of them, as it’s simply too much…
So stick with just the best ones that you are interested in right now.

I’ve been working on a Blog Carnival Submission service, it started as a project for my own business, but I figured as it works so well for me, I should be offering it to you as well!

I’ve been using the service myself for a few weeks now, but I’d like to introduce a just a few new people to make sure it’s absolutely spot on before I “go public” with it, so this is your opportunity to get in early…

If you’d like to get a free month’s worth of Blog Carnival Submission service then there’s two ways you can do so: –

1. Pick up a copy of Alvin Phang’s excellent Atomic Blogging using the link below and send a copy of your receipt to me – ask matt garrett

Atomic blogging

2. If you’ve already got Atomic Blogging then you can pick up either a copy of Jacobi’s new AdWord Profits 2 report here: –

AdWords Profits 2

or Tina’s superb “Selling Scruffy’s” here: –

Selling Scruffys

and email me a copy of your receipt – ask matt garrett

Yesterday I posted a bit of a long post on my working from home business blog, it’s over 2,500 words and uses example to show why I sometimes choose to use other marketers affiliate links to promote products.

You can read it here:

$100 Blog Post Competition

I decided to make it worth your time to read though, so I’ve added an easy competition, which you can find the details of towards the bottom of the post..

The competition is for the best 2 comments based on the question I ask in the post.

Each of the two winners will get $50!

The Competition closes on Monday, so go have a “quick” (ish) read of the post and post your comment to make sure you’re in with a chance of winning some quick cash..

$100 Blog Post Competition

N.B. you will need to have a account in order to receive the prize money if you win…

I made a post about some free software on my blog earlier this week, but I thought I’d better mention it here too, just in case you missed them..

I’ve actually added them to the bonuses for subscribing to my newsletter, so you can grab all 4 of the tools by signing up, the optin is at the top the sidebar on the right of the page.

If you’ve allready signed up for the newsletter don’t worry, just put your email and name in again and instead of being signed up again you’ll be redirected to the download page, it’s one of the coolfeatures of AWeber… 🙂

These software tools are pretty useful, so you may want to grab copies for your own use, but the important bit about them is that they are free for you to give away as well, so you can offer them as bonuses to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter.

On the download page there are also links so that you can buy “viral” brandable version of the tools for yourself if you want to brand them with you own banners, site links and affiliate links, to make more money with them…