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Blogging Money Guide

In my last post I talked about how good Andrew Hansen’s Automated Blogging system FirePow is and how it’s just the job for quickly knocking out Niche Money Blogs that focus on small, highly targeted, buying markets and keywords, if you missed it you can read it here: –

Automated Blogging

Well, Andrew’s just written a 30 page “no fluff” report on how to do this “niche blogging” thing, he’s kept it real simple, but has covered exactly what you need to do and how it all works, including: –

  • >> why “niche” blogging works
  • >> finding the right “Buying” niche/keywords
  • >> where to find the right offers (a lot easier than you might think!)
  • >> the only “SEO” optimization you need to worry about, and how
  • >> how to make sure the visitors buy
  • >> how to create the few bits of content you need
  • >> how to get the right kind of traffic
  • >> what you really need to know about link building

If you’ve been reading this blog for even a short while, you’ll know I’m a massive fan of blogging, particularly in niche markets, as a method of making fast and long lasting cash online.

I’m always telling people how easy it is to set up blogs to promote affiliate programs, get a little search engine traffic, and watch the commissions start rolling in… but…

The thing is that for most people, it’s not as easy as it for old nerds like me.

Truth be told, there’s a lot involved in picking the perfect niche market, the right product to promote, using just the right content, and knowing how to build the right backlinks to make all of it come together to result in a profit…

A buddy of mine that you’ve probably heard of has an eerily similar method to me when it comes to making profitable niche blogs. We actually got together in London earlier this year and discussed it over a beer! (or a Guinness in my case!)

see the pics of Me & Andrew Hansen having some beers


Custom WP Themes

quite a few months back I had someone from (thanks again Andre!) make a couple of bespoke wordpress blog themes for me.

the plan was to get a theme that was clean and simple in appearance, with SEO stuff built in, along with some nice touches for visitors, as well as some banner management and a way of adding header graphics easily.

then I was going to let you have a copy to use for your own blogs…

but I never got around to finishing off all the videos to show how to use them and make the most of the built in features.

before I give you some example sites to see what you think of them, here’s a few of the “features” built in: –

  1. different style bullet graphics
  2. feature for adding header graphic straight from your computer and cropping it to the correct size
  3. automatic banner adding feature for top and bottom of each page
  4. option to hide static “pages” from the top menu bar
  5. search box
  6. font resizing

Proof Blogging Makes Money

If you didn’t take a look and Andrew Hansen’s new Auto Blog System yet you really should!

Auto Blogging System


well, he’s just done a case study to show how simple it is to start making sales with his system.

He set up a new blog and just used a few of the free traffic and link building activities covered in the system and…

The brand new blog pulled it’s first sale within 4 days!

Then two days later, another sale!

In it’s first week, this little blog did $54, and ONLY from free traffic!

What makes this even more impressive is that he only put a couple of hours work in to this blog…

AND the content is non unique content from article directories!

Andrew’s not the only one making money with the system, it’s only been released for about a week and there’s a whole bunch of users who are already reporting success with the system, one guy even made his first sale within 15 hours of his blog being live!

This actually launched a few days ago, but I wanted to have the chance to check it out before I told you about it.

It’s from a 22 year old who’s practically retired and spends most of his time travelling, thanks to his blogs…

His name’s Andrew Hansen and he’s got an excellent track record in the internet marketing world, as his products are always based on what he does himself tomake a living online, and they’re always simple to follow and understand, but for this one he’s gone a step further!

He’s now set up a system to automate the process he uses to build profit pulling blogs and pull in all the traffic he needs and he’s giving you the chance to use it!


~ WordPress blog creator
~ blog manager – manage all sites from one panel
~ 40 best wordpress plugins from the web
~ 14 custom plugins including, traffic generators, content generators,
~ testing and management tools and more.
~ wordpress custom theme generator

Intergrated Promotion tools, including: –


Definitive Guide To Blogging

THE definitive guide to Blogging from a REAL Pro! (imho)

Once in a while someone actually takes the time and effort to put together a teaching manual that is a definitive guide to a subject.

Something that’s not going to sell because it’s marketed well, but because of the word of mouth that is generated because it’s just so darned good.

Super Affiliate Blogging Guide

It’s even better when that someone is a true PRO at the subject.

Gobala Krishan manages to go one step further too, he just happens to be able to put it all together in a way that is understandable on different levels.

So not only is the “advanced” stuff useful for affiliate marketers and bloggers who already know the basics, but he also manages to show “newbies” how to get to that stage without “burn out” from “tech speak”…

That I’m impressed goes without saying, but I’ve gotta also “fess up” and admit that I’m jealous!

OK, first up I have to apologise for not having made any new posts for a month!

Since I moved house I’ve been a bit “lazy” and have been enjoying “discovering” the “ammenities” in my new area, yes, that does mean checking out the local pubs to see which are the best, there’s just a lot to choose from…

I’m starting to get caught up on the inevitable backlog of work that has built up because of this, so I should be back up to speed and adding lost of new videos over the next few weeks, apart from one week where I’ll be lying on a beach in Spain that is. 🙂

If you’re on my list you should be aware by now that I’ve teamed up with 3 other succesful internet marketing experts, Kevin Riley, Daniel McGonagle and Fabian Tan, to try and offer more help to anyone struggling to get those first online commissions coming in.

This is probably one of the shortest “how to” videos I’ve ever done, simply because this automated content generation system is just so easy to use!

Auto Content System

Here’s the video:

see what I mean..?

can you think of an easier way to generate fresh new content for your blogs….

Auto Content System