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wow, yet another busy week, here’s what’s happening/coming/on offer etc…

1. I’ve got 3 new tutorial videos coming, all on how to setup and use aweber, including adding an optin form to a squeeze page or webpage, the first will be posted later today..

2. There’s just one List Building Squeeze page and Branded report left available if you want to get a head start on building your own email subscriber list, you can check it out here:

List Building Squeeze Page and Branded Report

3. I’ve also just posted one of the biggest “bribe” offers I’ve ever offered over on my Internet Marketing Blog, which I thought I’d better mention here too, as a couple of the “bribes” on offer include getting a pre-built blog, or having me set up a blog for you

There’s a good reason why I’m making the offer, but you’ll have to go read the post if you want to find out what:

Favors & Bribes

4. I’ve also just posted a simple 7 Day No Website Cash Plan that you might find interesting on my personal “marketing meets life” blog.



I’ll be adding a list of my favorite plugins to use with WordPress Blogs here shortly, but in the meantime you can grab the BlogTactics “Nofollow” plugin here:

Download Blogtactics NoFollow Plugin 

I’ll post a link to the video showing how it works as soon as it’s finished, althoughit is pretty simple to use, just upload it, activate it and when you are adding new links to your blogroll Click on the “Link Relationship (XFN)” option and just tick the “pr_nofollow” box..

Your new blogroll link will now have the Rel=”nofollow” tag added, just to keep the”Big G” happy. :roll:


AdSense Deluxe Plugin

As I’m just doing a video to show how to add AdSense ads to your blogs I thought I better put alink here for the AdSense Deluxe plugin that I cover in the video:

AdSense Delux WordPress Plugin


No WWW Plugin

I’ve done a post on why you should do this here: [coming soon]

Here’s the link for the plugin:

No WWW Plugin

The tutorial videos for the free SEO WP BlogTactics Themes will be ready and listed here soon…

In the meantime here’s a list of (and links to) the other useful video posts I’ve made previously, with the most recent at the top and oldest at the bottom:

Adding AdSense in Blog Posts : 7.52Mins

Putting AdSense Ads in WP Blog Headers : 4.04Mins

AdSense in Blog Text Widgets : 4.20Mins

Adding AdSense ads to the Sidebar : 5.04Mins

BlogTactics WordPress NoFollow Blugin : 3.46Mins

Moving a WordPress Blog : 11.36Mins

Using Podpress Podcast Plugin : 9.29Mins

Claiming your blog on Technorati : 7.3 Mins

Adding Your Blog to BlogCatalog : 7.06 Mins

Adding Your Blog to MyBlogLog : 7.51 Mins

Installing & Using Stumbleupon : 4.53 Mins

Making a favicon for your blog : 6.05 Mins

Adding a favicon to your blog : 4.20 Mins

The best WP Ping List for your WP Blog : 1.44 Mins

Using the Tagk Facebook App for backlinks and traffic : 4.52 Mins


BlogTactics Themes

The free BlogTactics Themes and accompanying videos should be finished shortly…


using your text pad

When I’m out and about surfing other people blogs, doing research or just finding interesting stuff, sometimes I forget just how flacky internet explorer can be.

I use firefox most of the time, but some of the tools I use pop sites up in ie, so I end up surfing in ie instead of firefox. Most of the time it’s not a problem, but soemtimes ie will fall over just when I don’t want it to, like when I’m click post on a new blog post or on a comment on someone else’s blog, which can be a little irritating…

If I’ve spent 5 or 10 mins or more writing the comment, or possibly a lot longer with a post, it means I will ened up having to re-write the whole thing.

My solution?

Simple, I now always write stuff in text pad first and then copy and paste it for the post, so if it get’s lost somehow, I’ve still got a copy and can simply re-post it.

Well I figured it was probably about time I got this blog claimed for my Technorati Profile and to do so means Technorati need a way of verifying that this is my blog.

The choice is to give them my admin id and password, which I’m not keen on, although I’m sure it’s probably safe to do so, or posting a link on my blog with a bit of code in it that they give you, hence the link in the previous paragraph.

Making this post is also a simple, but effective, way of recording the date I added BlogTactics to Technorati for future reference when I’m checking the traffic stats to see how many extra visitors the blog gets for all this effort…

So why add my blog to Tecnorati?

3 reasons:

1. it gives me an extra backlink to the blog

2. I can install the technorati blog widget to add some extra keyword “juice” to my blog from the tags

3. being listed in Technorati’s blog database can actually bring more targeted visitors to my blog.


Discover the simplest ways to make money with your blog.</p>

I’m already doing it, but I’m constantly trying out new tactics and ideas and this site is where I share my results, what makes me money and what doesn’t.