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Does RSS Still Work

Does RSS Still Work

The RSS features built in to WordPress has always been one of the advantages of using the WP CMS platform, but is it still as good?

Well, believe it or not, your RSS feed could actually be losing you blog visitors…

When your readers access your blog contents through RSS Feed, they become more reluctant to visit your blog regularly, because they GET what they WANT from your blog from your RSS feed.

This results in your blog getting less real visitors, less comments and interactivity, and consequently, yielding less REVENUE than you deserve.

So whilst RSS Feeds help you gain repetitive readers and
followers, it hurst your bottom line!

Most bloggers think that the problems with RSS are: –

~ Their content is being stolen via RSS feed.

~ Readers are not visiting the blog because of RSS feed.

But, the problem is much deeper…

For the full low down, check out this free video & pdf report which shows you how RSS is ripping off your wordpress blog without giving you a simplest hint: –

Automated Income System

How about being able to earn over $18,000 per month from simple 5 page sites that take just a couple of hours to set up and promote..?

These are sites that get free traffic from the search engines and once you’ve set them up you don’t need to touch them again, they just go on making you money month after month…

Here’s a couple of examples to show you exactly what I mean: –

Laars Pool Heater

Laars Pool Heater


Setup time: 30 minutes

Promotion time: 1 Hour

Traffic source: page 1 rankings for chosen keywords in Google

Profits: $194.49 so far this month (Jun ’10)

AntiAging Life Extensions

AntiAging Life Extensions


Setup time: 15 minutes

Promotion time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Traffic source: page 1 rankings for chosen keywords in Google

Profits: ~$250 per month

Digital Photo Printing Critic

Digital Photo Printing Critic


Setup time: 30 minutes

Promotion time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Traffic source: page 1 rankings for chosen keywords in Google

Profits: ~$225 per month

Epic Resale Rights Firesale

Top Internet Marketer Eric Holmlund is running another of his totally EPIC 7 day fire sales and it’s a hum dinger!

here’s the quick link  ~> Epic Resale Rights Firesale

the fire sale includes: –

¬ 33 software programs
¬ 15 complimentary ebooks
¬ 7 day course showing how to get set up online
¬ sales pages for the products
¬ user guides for the software

these will be your own software programs that you can sell as your own, so pretty much a ready made software business for you…

and, as always with Eric’s 7 day sales, the price is ridonculously cheap!

Seriously, you won’t believe the price once you’ve seen what you’re getting…

all the programs are up to date and work, complete with user guides in pdf and MS Word format, so you can add things to them yourself and put your own name to them

the user guides are detailed, including full sets of screen shots to help people get up and running with them



FirePow – the alternative to Google Conquest

A few days ago I made a video giving a look inside Google Conquest, if you haven’t watched it yet you can check it out here – Google Conquest Review

The bad news – Google Conquest filled up and was closed to new member at the end of Monday, as expected.

The Good news – I’ve found another system that does a lot of what Google Conquest offered, just without the PLR info products and coaching/mentoring!

The system is called FirePow and here’s a brief outline of what it includes: –

  1. Blog Creator – installs and sets up your blogs for you with al the plugins you need
  2. Blog Manager – including traffic stats and other useful info
  3. Article Poster – quickly & easily find and post relevant, targeted articles to your new blogs
  4. RSS Content – find and publish RSS content to your blogs for fresh content
  5. BlogNetwork – massive netowork of blogs for getting free targeted backlinks to your new blogs
  6. RSS Submission – automatically submit your blogs to RSS directories

30,509 bloggers can’t be wrong, can they..?

What do Top bloggers Darren Rowse, Gobala Krishan and Chris Garrett all have in common?

Free Blog BluePrint

I’ll tell you in a minute, but first let me answer the question I posed in the subject line, can 30,509 bloggers be wrong?

well, the numbers probably a lot higher than that by now, it’s the number of bloggers (or aspiring bloggers to be) who have downloaded Top Blogger Yaro Starak’s FREE Blog Profits Blueprint.

I can tell you that they’re not wrong, as I’m one of them!

Just one small nugget from this blueprint allowed me to pull in an extra 5,500+ visitors to just one of my blogs in 2 days flat!!!

yeah, I thought that might get your attention, it sure got mine…

Free Blog BluePrint

Yaro is one of the world’s top PRO bloggers and earnt a six figure income ($110,305+) last year from his blog, working as little as 2 hours per day.

As a quick follow up to yesterdays post about the new partnership at AskTheIMExperts, one of the other questions that is coming up regularly is how to get started on building your own subscriber list.

I’ve just posted two blog posts that cover different aspects of list building, including how to get started, you can read them here: –

Building Joint Venture Partnerships

List building with internet marketing ad swaps and giveaways

you should also watch the videos on the Blog Tutorial Vidoes page that cover using AWeber and how to add an optin form to your blog.

I should also mention that I’m running a competition for the best tip for getting JV partners that I will be giving away $100 for the best answer/tip.

The $100 prize will be padi via PayPal and you can add your tip/entry here: –

100 Dollar JV Tips BlogPost Competition

and if you’ve ever wondered about whether your getting the bandwidth that you’re paying for from your internet service provider, you may also enjoy this post: –

Internet Connection Speed Tests

This quick video (4.20 mins) shows how easy it is to put an AWeber list subscription optin form in to a website or web page to start building your own subscriber lists

Setting up a new subscriber optin list in AWeber is prett easy, but there are a few things you need to know, so this video shows you exactly how to do it:

it is a bit longer than usual though, as just over 10 mins, sorry!