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WP Web Graphics

It’s a Beauty Contest…

wpwebgraphicsit’s an odd thing to realise it, but when you take a moment or two to think about it, it really is pretty inescapable…

You may not want to admit it, you don’t even have to like it, but…

Whether you want it or not, your site is in a beauty contest, every second of every day!

Every time a visitor hits your site they are immediately judging your site on it’s looks…

Whether it catches their eye…

Whether it look professional…

Whether they like the graphics…

You visitors will judge your site in seconds on what they see!

AND if they don’t like it they’re gone, and all your hard work getting people to visit your site in the first place has been wasted…

The days of being able to get away with a basic WP theme and a pic or two are gone, your site needs to look good, fact.

Even Google are looking for you to have engaging graphics on your site.

Using Social Media For Automated Traffic

[aka Making Your content Go Viral Just Got Easier…]

A revolutionary new plugin has been released that can triple your blog traffic by compelling people to share your content and images on social media.

But, it does a whole lot more than that, watch the video at the bottom of this post to see this powerful plugin in action…

here’s a bit of a FAQ info for you about the plugin to help you decide whether it’s right for you: –

Who is this plugin for?

~ Marketers
~ WordPress users
~ Bloggers
~ Kindle Authors
~ Offline Business Consultants
~ Amazon Marketers
~ Affiliate Marketers
~ Local Business Owners
~ Traffic; SEO Consultants
~ Social Media Consultants
~ Content Marketers

Why You Need This Plugin Now!

~ Social Sharing is a primary objective for all marketers to increase TRAFFIC
~ Images are shared more than any other type of content
~ Your prospects suffer with sharing icon blindness
~ Viral content is 93% images shared on Facebook
~ Facebook is competing with Google for search engine status
~ Getting prospects to FIND you and your content

Simple Traffic Tutorials for you [under $5]

Paying for traffic from sources like Google Adwords can quickly become expensive, and you still can’t totally rely on it.

My friend John Thornhill use to use Adwords for much of his traffic, until google decided to close down his account, without warning…

<-*Note: yes, he really is a mate, above is a pic of John & me, and a couple of other friends, out for beers in my home town a while back.

John didn’t let Google’s actions stop his business in it’s tracks, he went out and learnt how to get traffic from all sorts of other sources.

He’s become so good at it that he got over 2 Billion hits last year!

Now he’s just released a series of 50 simple to follow traffic tutorials showing exactly how he generates all that traffic, and right now you can get hold of the whole lot for under $5…

Simple Traffic Tutorials

The videos not only come in a variety of formats, such as mp4, ipad viewable video, mp3 audio’s and transcripts…

Grab MRR to 30 Traffic Emails & Squeeze page…

I’ve got a quick special offer for you today, 30 top notch Traffic email articles that you can use for an ezine follow up sequence, complete with a squeeze paqge for building your list, AND you get Master Resale Rights to the whole lot…

Everyone knows the biggest question of internet marketers is “How do I get more traffic?”

~ It’s their biggest problem.
~ It’s their biggest interest.
~ It’s what they need the most.

It’s no secret that Traffic Generation is the best selling subject in internet marketing… PERIOD.

Here’s What You’ll Get In This Package Of 30 Traffic Generation Power E-Mails

~ 30 Traffic Generation Power E-Mails with Master Resell Rights
~ A Squeeze Page to Build Your List
~ A One-Time-Offer Sales Page Sales Page Just Like This One

Here are the subjects covered by each 300+ words e-mail:

Creating PDF Files with Open Office for Free Traffic

I’m going to be making a couple of posts over the next week to share some useful free resources, one of which is the excellent Office suite OpenOffice, which is free!

OpenOffice includes a really quick and easy function for creating pdf files, so I thought I’d make a quick video to not only show how easy it is to create pdf’s with OpenOffice, but also why it can be a really cool thing to do for your blog, because if you do it the right way you can end up with extra results in Google and get more free traffic, which is always cool!

Have a go with your next blog post, or just grab and old one to try it with!

Update: as mentioned in one of the comments below (thanks Dean) there’s a newer version of Free Office Sutie called LibreOffice

Original Article:
Original pdf source:

[This Post:]

Free Website Traffic System Special Offer…

Here’s the 48 hour special offer deal I’ve got for you…

~> Free Website Traffic System

The reason you’re not making $10K a month and living the dream lifestyle is probably the same as most “part time” internet marketers…

…it’s simply because you’re not getting enough traffic, right?

and everybody wants free traffic, right again?

well there are a whole bunch of ways you can get free traffic, but…

most of these so-called “free traffic generators” aren’t worth your time…

all you get are unqualified freebie seekers who never buy anything.

And who really wants to sit around all day clicking on ads to get credits for traffic that may never actually get delivered?

well, now there’s a step-by-step course that shows you *exactly* how to get as much traffic as you want.

It’s a complete blueprint that you can COPY and start getting traffic within 24 hours…

If you want a proven system for generating free, targeted traffic, this is what you’ve been looking for…

~> Free Website Traffic System

Using Video Submission Sites For Website Traffic

[Traffic Action Plan Part 6]

I’m a VERY big fan of using video submissions to get traffic, I’ve used it a lot and I’ve always had great results, and the traffic in my experience is long term, so it’s one of those great things where you do the work once and get significant long term benefits.

However, there’s another reason I like doing videos so much, they can also be the content for your blog posts, and they can even make up a good quality “lead magnet”, i.e. a gift that you give away for free to help build your list.

So you can not only get long term benefits from the traffic, you can use the actual videos in more than one way, as content for your posts, as submissions to get backlinks and traffic, and as a lead magnet to grow your subscriber list.

How good is that!?! 🙂

And the search engines tend to like videos a lot, so you can end up ranking for keywords with your videos more easily than for your own blog posts…

Using Blog Comments For Backlinks and Traffic
This one’s pretty easy, but does take a bit of time, although it is free and can pull in some pretty good traffic and backlinks, as well as having the potential to build some “authority” in your niche if you get it right…

Leaving comments on other people’s blogs, preferably in the same market as you, can get you a bunch of backlinks and traffic for free.

The standard way to approach Blog Commenting for traffic is to target high “PageRank” and high traffic (low Alexa rank) blogs for your targeted keywords and just leave good comments (that will get accepted if the comments are moderated, which they will be on the better blogs) on as many blogs as possible.

There are software tools to help you search by keywords and find high PR blogs (that don’t have the “nofollow” tag on comments, so you get more “link love”) and I’ll link to a free one towards the bottom of this post, look for “Blog Comment Magic“.