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Keyword Research done for you

Keyword Research done for you…

we all know that to build a profitable niche site you need to make sure you get the keyword research right in the first place, otherwise it’s like building a house on a foundation of quicksand!

Now what if you never had to worry about getting the keyword research wrong ever again..?

In fact, what if you had access to all the keywords you could ever need, already researched for you, so you never needed to do keyword research again..?

OK, you asked, here it is, keyword research done for you: NicheReaper

NOTE: the price goes up at midnight Tuesday March 18th

What’s new in NicheReaper v2: –

#1: the data is now more accurate, we’re pulling data from Majestic SEO and SEMRush, which are two of the industry leading sources of search data.

#2: we are now pre-qualifying the keywords that get put in to the database, only keywords that have over 1,000 exact match searches and a CPC value of over $0.25, so you’re sure of the best quality keywords!


RSS Authority Backlinks

RSS Authority Backlinks

How to use a free desktop RSS feed reader ‘Authority” Backlinks and Traffic

Below is a 10 min video showing you how easy it is to use a free RSS reader to get authority backlinks in your niche, as well as to bring in fresh, targeted visitors, AND get new ideas for your own content, AND start building your own ‘authority’ (reputation).

It’s not only free to do, but it’s quick and easy to set up, and is a backlinking method that is unlikely to ever be hit by any Google Updates/penalties.

So here’s the video to show you how it works: –

and make sure you pop my RSS feeds in to the RSS Feedreader: –

Note: just remember the standard ‘good practice’ rule of blog commenting, if you want the comment to get approved make it a decent comment, note just ‘nice post bro’… πŸ˜‰

You should also check out the related post on making your RSS feed work for your blog to bring back your visitors here: –




The nicheReaper automated keyword and niche research system is closing it’s doors again today, after being open for just 7 days again, for the first time in 4 months…

AND the doors aren’t likely to open up again this year!

Yup, that’s how popular this system really is…

Check out this quick video giving you a whistle stop look around inside: –

Click Here to check out NicheReaper for yourself, before they close the doors again!

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Social Profile Backlinks

Social Profile Backlinks

OK, so we all know getting some free backlinks from social bookmarking sites can be good for your site, but where do you find all the social profile sites that are worth using this free backlinking tactic with?

There’s a site that not only lists 84 of the best one’s to use, it also has a neat feture to allow you to check to see which still have your prefered username free, check out the video below: –

In the video I also mention using Ping.FM and to automate your wp blog social bookmarking backlinks, you can check out the full video on this method in this post: –

WP Auto Social Bookmarking Backlinks Poster

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Automated RSS Submission

SENuke Automated RSS Directory Submission
This is a quick video to show just how easy it is to automate the submission of all your RSS feeds to 30 RSS diretcory sites using the SENuke X Automation Software.

If you’re wondering why you want to submit your RSS feeds to as many RSS sites as possible, well it’s simple…

Your site/blog post will get indexed by the search engines, and you’ll end up with more backlinks and free traffic, which is always a good thing! This tool just make the whole process a LOT easier…

here’s the video [10 mins]: –

and you can grab your copy of the SENuke X tool here: –

SENuke X

There’s also a previous blog post and demonstration video showing how the software can automate the creation of over 236 web site profilts here: –
Automatically Create Social Profiles

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Keyword Winner

Keyword Winner Plugin
Sometimes a tool comes along that you just know immediately you will use over and over again, providing it works of course…

The WordPress plugin “Keyword Winner”Β is one of those and it DOES work!

I’ve already tested it out on several of my niche blogs, and seen very good results from it, and I will probably end up installing this on ALL of my blogs, it’s that good!

What exactly does it do..?

Well, rather than try and explain, I decided to create a video showing you exactly how it works, here’s the video: –

Grab Keyword Winner Here:

There is a demo video on the sales page here as well: – Keyword Winner Plugin

Just in case you can’t watch the video for some reason, here’s a summary of what it does for you…

Whenever you make a blog post you should really be doing keyword research for the blog post to choose the best keywords to target for both the post title and for the post tags.


One Way Links

Getting One Way Links To WordPress Blogs

Discover how easy it can be to automate the process of getting hundreds of targeted one way backlinks to your wordpress blogs : 8.23 mins

Here’s the link to check out the system, whilst it’s not free, it’s far from expensive, especially for how easy it is to use, how many sites you can add (up to 100) and the number of backlinks you can get from it: –

Get the One Way Backlinks System

I should also mention that there’s a built in system to get extra links and social “Buzz” from social network sites as well. πŸ™‚

Exec-PHP WordPress plugin page

Google External Keyword Tool

Oh, and there’s a cool free SEO Guide for you as an extra bonus –

Download the free SEO Guide

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You may have noticed that some blogs don’t begin with the usual “www” at the start, this one being an example.

If you try typing in in to your browser you will end up back at the version

Why have I done this?

Well Google considers the “www” version and no “www” version of your site as two seperate domains.

Over time, as you get more backlinks to your site, some of those links will point to the non “www” version, and some will point to the “www” version, so in Google’s eyes that pagerank “link juice” is split across two seperate domains, meaning you’re losing out…

Fortunately it’s pretty quick and easy to fix.

There’s two ways of doing it, first you can try simply adding the “no-www” plugin for wordpress. This attempts to update the relevant file (.htaccess) for you with the correct code, but it doesn’t always work, as sometimes your hosting won’t let the plugin have access to the .htaccess file, in which case you need to do it manually, which I’ve covered in the video below..