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Blog Reviews Offer

first of all thanks to everyone who grabbed a copy of the “$365K Blog Traffic Formula” report recently, you can read the full details here if you missed it: –

$365K Blog Traffic Formula Blog Review Offer

As a bonus for people buying through my link I offered to write a quick review of their blog and publish 5 (of my choice here).

I’m going to actually publish 6 in total, to show you the kind of spectrum out there, although I believe you will notice some “similarities” across the board, especially in my advice.

I’ll also do a quick summary of the blog reviews at the bottom of this post as well.

I should also point out that the “positives” and “negatives” are my opinions, based both on my experience and personal taste, so feel free to disagree! :)

there also tend to be more negatives than positives as I tried to concentrate on finding what is “wrong” (imho) with the blog, as correcting some basic stuff can make a huge different to how well a blog does…