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Clickbank Auto Posting Plugin

Watch this CB plugin schedule months worth of clickbank auto blog posts, using tartgeted content and products from as many categories as you want, complete with built in affiliate links, in just minutes: –

The plugin can add as many auto posts as you want for any targeted keywords and categories for products in Clickbank and schedule them for months and months ahead, making your niche blog hands free!

you can grab a copy of the plugin to use here: –

Amazon Auto Blog Plugin

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Amazon Auto Blog Plugin

Automated Unique Content Blog Posts

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WP Syndicator

"text-align: left;">wp syndicator

WP Syndicator Totutorial and review video

This short video shows how to set up and configure the WPSyndicator social bookmarking syndication plugin, as well as the different ways in which it can be used.

The Plugin can be set up to automatically syndicate your new blog posts to the 15 web2.0 sites as soon as you publish a new post.

or you can go back and syndicate previous posts to any of the 15 sites at any time, giving you a great deal of control over how the system works.

The most time consuming  part of setting up the plugin is setting up new accounts with all 15 of the bookmarking sites it uses, as this can take 30-60 mins.

But it only has to be done once, and from there on it’s the a breeze to use this simple plugin.

The plugin basically automates the syndication of your blog posts to 15 social bookmarking sites,  including:  –



WordPress API Key

How To Get a WordPress API Key

A couple of the more important WordPress Plugins (specifically WP Stats & Akismet) require a WordPress API Key to work, but where do you find your WordPress API Key?

I’ve made a quick video to show exactly where you can find your WP API number and how to pop it in to WP Stats and Akismet to make sure they are activated.

You will need to get a account set up, which is free, and you can check the WordPress API instructions page here: –

Getting Your WordPress API Key

You can also find the links for the dowload pages for both the WordPress Stats plugin and the Akismet plugin on the WP Plugins Page

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Top 12 WP Blog Plugins

I guess I’m behind on my blog posts again! lol!!

I’ve just finished updating the BlogTactics Plugins Page, there’s now 24 plugins listed in total.

These are the plugins that I use most often on all my different blogs, but here’s the one’s (in no particular order) that I think are most useful/important: –

1. The “BlogTactics NoFollow” plugin.

I had this made for me to allow me to easily add the “nofollow” tag to blogroll links as Google gave a couple of myblogs a PR0 and the only reason I could see for them having done so was the blogroll links.

A week or so after I added the plugin to those blog the PR came back, so I guess it did the trick! 🙂

Here’s the link for the “No Follow” plugin: –

WordPress Blogroll NoFollow Plugin

2. All-In-One SEO Pack
All-In-One SEO Pack Plugin
This is a must have plugin as far as Search Engine Optimization for your blog goes, as it takes care of most of the SEO stuff you ned for your blog.


WP Plugin Activator

My apologies, it’s been a little while since I’ve added a new video or new post, and next week is likely to be quite as well simply because I’m moving and and things are a bit “up in the air” right now.

However, my wonderful coder has managed to finish off another plugin for me, it’s a simple to use plugin that allows you to activate or de-activate multiple plugins at one time, so when you are setting up a new blog you no longer need to activate the plugins one by one!

I know this is going to save me a LOT of time!

Here’s the video (6 Mins): –

I don’t often reveal my niche/test blogs, but if you pay attention in this video you’ll see a 2 or 3, including one that is not only totally automated, but also gets 100+ unique visitors a day without me doing anything to it since I set it up..

I even show you the stats, and if you pause the video and ignore the blip in March caused by the host, you can see that the traffic is actually growing month on month, and I’ve not even used any of my backlink strategies on this blog, as it was set up as a test for this plugin.

I guess you can say I’m pleased with the results!!! 🙂

So what’s this video about?

well, there’s a free WordPress plugin that you can use to have unique’s content articles posted to your blog every day totally automatically, making the blog “hands free”.

PLEASE NOTE: To find where you can download the Plugin for FREE you NEED to watch the video!


Nofollow Blog Link Plugin

I’ve not been posting much over the last week or so, but it’s not because I’ve been lazy, just a little busy..

One of the things that I’ve been working on is a new free Plugin for you, althogh I won’t claim to have coded it myself, I outsourced the work as usual. 🙂

I made a post a couple of weeks ago about dealing with a Google PR0 penalty  to your blog for “allegedly” selling text links, which is something I’ve never done on this site, but Google seem to believe I have, as they’ve recently made PR for this blog a big fat Zero.

I believe the penalty is based on having a long list of “recommended resource” links in my blogroll, none of which include the Rel=”nofollow” tag, as it’s not a default option offered by WordPress, so Pagerank is being passed to those sites listed, which some bright spark at Google has obviously assumed that I’m getting paid for.