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Persuasion Techniques In Marketing

marketers-influenceas a fellow Marketer I’ll bet you’ve had days when all your hard work just doesn’t seem to pay off…

You follow all the rules for bringing in cash and conversions in your niche and your efforts just get ignored!

You buy every new tool and resource but something is missing?


Marketers Influence

A senior expert in the field of influence and persuasion who is herself a successful marketer and software creator, has put together Coaching that is set to change your life!

I can’t think of a better way to get started in 2014, than with this knowledge and skill to weave influence and persuasion into everything you do.

Marketers Influence provides you with the knowledge that every experienced millionaire marketer has acquired.

Often they invest in training or high end Coaching in order to build this knowledge – now you can learn this easily!

Leah’s easy manner and comfortable style of professional Coaching combines with her own personal journey to the first half million in sales since she began selling products in our niche.

WordPress Store Builder Theme

covertstorebuilderYou can do what with WordPress?

There’s a new WordPress theme that’s been released this week that is perhaps the most cutting edge theme I have ever seen, in fact, calling it a theme hardly does it justice.

Covert Store Builder lets you run a fully functional affiliate store, straight from your WordPress blog!

Complete with…

1. Real members joining your site and generating sales for you on autopilot.

2. Full auto responder integration, your members will automatically be added to your lists so you can sell to them over and over again

3. Automatic traffic generation with Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. Including Facebook comments!

4. You can fill your sites with quality products and content in minutes – without ever writing a single word yourself

5. It’s the world’s first intelligent self optimizing affiliate store theme – automatically maximizing your commissions and profits

6. Full monetization, including a very clever wish list feature I have never seen in WordPress before.

In fact I have NEVER seen any of this in a WordPress theme before.

PLR Ebooks For Lead Capture

ErrorMessageAre you sick and tired of sorting through old crappy private label rights content, researching and re-writing BS to create something you can put your name on, to attract new customers to your list?

Are you sick at scouring read-me files to see what is required of you before you can do what you want to do?

What if you could jump over all of those obstacles?

What if you never had to worry about any of the problems associated with finding quality content to give away and sell – ever again?

From now on you can!

Starting now, you can get fresh content delivered to you every month, at your door, which is up to date, informative, well written and designed to exceed your sales lead’s expectations, while creating an unquenchable desire in them, to purchase the highest profiting and best converting products available from you!

There’s more…

#1: You will be given two brand new, surfer stopping opt-in pages that convert because they ooze the professionalism and personality needed to build trust to snag the subscription!

Choosing Amazon Affiliate Products

Amazon’s associate (aka affiliate) program is one of the simplest way’s of making decent online income from niche blogs, but finding the best products to promote can be a long winded, time consuming and boring process, even when you know what you’re doing!

wouldn’t it be easier if you could just get a list of all the very best new products researched for you..?

Quicklink ~> Amazing Product Lists

Don’t get me wrong, finding the best products to promote isn’t really that difficult, it just sucks up your time, energy and enthusiasm, leaving you drained and not wanting to complete your site… 😉

Even when you know what you’re doing it can often take up to an hour to find just one “gold nugget” product in just one department/niche, and even then you’re not going to be sure whether you’ve picked the best product on offer in that niche…

Up until now the only way to make sure has been to put hours and hours of mind numbing, repetetive ‘research’.

How To Sell Ads On Your Blog [plugin]

one of the simplest ways to monetize your blog is to put ads on it, but all the ad “agencies” want to take their ‘cut’, and usually that’s a pretty hefty chunk out of your pocket…

well this new (still in pre-release) plugin makes it real easy to sell ads on your blog and keep 100% of the profits you make!

after all, it’s your blog, you’ve done all the hard work, so why let someone else grab a big chunk of the profits..?

I’ve already got it up and running on one of my blogs, it literally takes minutes, and I’m going to be popping it on a lot more, as it’s such a simple way to make some extra income from a blog, whatever the niche is.

You get to control the number, size and placing of all the ads that you offer, as well as how much you charge and for how long, giving you maximum control.


Site Flipping Guide

Flipping Websites for a fast return…

There are very few things that you can do online to generate $5,000+ in a day.

It’s not as easy or as simple as some people would have you believe…

2 months, 6 months, a year later… and you are still struggling just to make a few bucks.

You’re not alone…

It feels even worse when you actually see other people doing it, but can’t figure out how.

It’s like the preverbial carrot dangling in front of your face that you just can’t reach.

One of the very few simple ways that you CAN make that much is flipping sites.

Go to and check out some of the auctions. There are sites going for 5 figures, and that’s every day!

So what’s their secret..?

As always, it’s just a system, a fairly simple system, you just need to know what the steps are and how to follow them…

I’ve flipped more than a few sites in my time, for very healthy returns, but I’ve got a mate who does it a LOT MORE than me, and makes a serious income from it.

Learn How To Create Your Own Digital “info” Products

having your very own info product makes a massive difference to your reputation & credibility, as well your “bottom line”, but it can be real scary getting that first product created, right..?

Not any more, get your first Info product, the EASY way…!!!

~> Easy Info Product Creation

Discover what is without doubt the quickest & easiest way to create your very own “info” product in super quick time, and start churning them out to the tune of 3 or 4 a month without breaking a sweat!

Part of the power of creating your own info products is you can not only sell them, either as “one off’s” over time as a membership plan, but you can also use them as freebies to giveaway to build your email subscribers list…

In this course, you will learn: –

–> What Kind of Products Are Easiest to Create, Even if You are Just Starting Out

–> How to Easily Find out What People Want to Buy in Your Niche

How do you choose a Niche that’s going to make money?

It’s one of the biggest problems people face when starting out online, not just because it’s something you need to decide right at the start, but pick the wrong niche and you’re probably never gonna make a bean!

One of the most pushed answers is “go with your passion“, which is great if your passion happens to be in a highly popular and profitable niche, but if your it’s something a bit off beat like “Snail Racing” or “collecting 18th century buttons”, then that bit of advice is not going to help you one bit!

Personally I’m not too bothered about how “passionate” I am about the niche itself, I’d rather know that it’s a profitable one, that’s usually enough to keep me interested, after all, this is a business I’m running, and you should look at it in the same way.

So then it comes down to doing a whole bunch of keyword and market research to make sure…

  • there’s sufficient searches for the niche