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BlogCarnival Blog Links

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog you may have noticed my Technorati backlinks number has been steadily growing over the last few weeks and it’s pretty much all from one source – BlogCarnivals!

What are blog Carnival’s you ask..

Well, there basically just other bloggers doing a post that links to other blogs that are related to theirs, the trick is finding out about these “carnivals”, but that’s also pretty easy as there’s a site dedicated to listing upcoming Carnival’s.

This site, called BlogCarnival strangely enough, also allows you to submit your blog to these carnivals, making it a piece of cake.

I’m already seeing real traffic as well as backlinks from submitting to the carnivals so I’d really recommend you add this to your daily or weekly process for building backlinks and traffic to your blog.

The number of incomgin links you get to your blog will depend on how good your post(s) are, so make sure you make some good quality useful posts before submitting and the time you spend will be more effective, although it doesn’t actually take very long.

I have to admit that being a bit lazy I’ve actually outsourced the work for my blogs, but whether you get someone elseto do it for you, or spend a little time each day doing it, you should start doing this now..

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Comment by The Sleepy Surfer
2008-02-28 09:00:00

hi. I’m new to your blog and this is my first ever comment here 🙂

Thanks for sharing your experience with the Blog Carnival. I have read about people using blog carnival before but your post seems to give result.


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