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This is probably one of the shortest “how to” videos I’ve ever done, simply because this automated content generation system is just so easy to use!

Auto Content System

Here’s the video:

see what I mean..?

can you think of an easier way to generate fresh new content for your blogs….

Auto Content System

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Comment by Don
2008-10-30 17:51:59

I really liked your short video on automated content.
The auto content system link goes to ContentFX but in your video it refers to
IC Robot. Are these 2 names for the same product?

Is content checker part of this product?
If not, can you list a link for it?



Comment by admin
2008-10-30 19:46:01

Hi Don,
yup, it’s the same program they just changed the name.

Comment by sam
2008-11-19 16:14:00

How much does that program go for?

Comment by admin
2008-11-21 15:39:24

Hi Sam,
I believe it’s $27 for the first month.

Comment by leo
2008-11-25 17:32:00

will the software embed your keywords throughout the article? i hear your article has to have a keywod density of 3 through out each paragraph.

Comment by admin
2008-11-25 20:15:10

Hi Leo,
not sure where you heard that a keyword density of 3% is best, I’ve never seen any hard evidence to backup any specific % density as being best. Anywhere between 2% and 7% should be fine, it’smore important to have unique content and get backlinks to the content…


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