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Auto Amazon Niche Site Builder

The Amazon associates program is just about the easiest way of making money from niche websites right now, if you’re not capitalizing on the power of these sites for your online marketing then you’re seriously missing out…



Amazon are masters at converting their visitors in to sales AND they have literally tnes of thousands of highly searched for, popular and profitable products for you to choose from and promote…

the possibilities are pretty much endless!

this makes it so much easier to pull bucket loads of commissions straight into your pockets.

of course the potential ‘fly in the ointment’ is of course Google and all it’s painful updates and ‘ranking’ changes…

The good news is this new plugin pulls Amazon associate products and the most up to date ‘content curation’ techniques (i.e. no article writing/spinning/outsourcing needed) together to build complete panda/penguin proof sites for you

you even get a built in WordPress theme that is designed to pump up the conversion numbers even higher, making you even more profits!

What it actually does:

This plugin finds the most profitable Amazon products and creates eye-catching listings of them on your blog, in just 2 minutes…

~ Step 1: You select the criteria or “filters” you want [Keywords, Amazon category, Amazon subcategory, minimum amount of total reviews, minimum average “star” rating and price range] then juct click one button.

~ Step 2: Name your Amazon affiliate “table” and finalize its look. You can edit the content, change the order of items, or delete items altogether.

~ Step 3: Enter the table shortcode in your posts or pages. You can do so easily with a button above the edit-post text area.

and that’s it, you’re done! 🙂

Each table row will include the title of the product, a product thumbnail and the product description, and a “read more” button.

The product’s title, thumbnail and call-to-action button will point to your affiliate link for that product…

and here’s just some of the feedback from people who have already been using this: –

“saved me a huge amount of work in comparison to how I had been doing the same thing manually”

“Gorgeous product display with minimal work involved…”

“it will save you a lot of time and effort…”

“….this will look awesome for any visitor that ends up on my blog”

“You have made it much easier for anyone, especially technically challenged people, to monetize any site”

here’s the link to check it out ~> Amazon Site Builder

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Comment by Derek
2013-07-01 01:20:35

I prefer amazon over adsense when it comes to monetizing Niche sites. It’s more work but at least you don’t get to be suspended without reason unlike adsense. Thanks for this post.


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