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Autoblogs – The Simple Profit Pulling Powerhouse

so $1 a day doesn’t sound much does it..?

but what if it only took you a few minutes to do, you only had to do it once, and the $1 would keep rolling in every day, that would then be $365 a year for that same few minutes of work…

if you actually spent a couple of hours and did the same thing (and yes, I’m talking about setting up automated blogs) 10 times, that would then add up to $300 per month, or $3,650 a year…

for just a couple of hours work!

now what if you did that 5 days in a row..?

that would be $1,500 a month, or $18,250 a year!!

see how quickly it starts adding up…?

that’s what auto blogs can do for you!

These auto blogs can in fact make more than $1 per day…

Watch the AutoBlog Video ~> Autoblogs

The video link above shows you how they work, but the great thing about them is they are hosted for you, so you don’t need a Domain Name or Hosting!

How’s that for zero start up costs! 🙂

This new autoblog software will do all the work for you, so you can easily set up 10+ new blogs in just a couple of hours.

The blogs will also be optimized for Adsense, Amazon, eBay and Clickbank affiliate commissions for you.

AND have articles, RSS, search engine optimized pages, you name it, all automatically managed and setup for you.

The system will automate everything you need: –

~ Creates blogs in 23 languages
~ Works with WordPress and Blogger
~ Integrates with Amazon, eBay, Google Adsense, and ClickBank
~ Writes and auto updates unique fresh content for your blogs
~ Manages unlimited blogs from one easy interface
~ Works with all autoresponder services to build an email list <<<<< That’s A BIGGY!!!! 🙂

Imagine building 100, 200 or even 500 of these niche blogs on auto pilot, without spending a single dime on traffic, and using this to build your subscriber list at warp speed!!! Watch the AutoBlog Video to see how this works

I’ve put together a massive bonus package for you as well, you can check it out here: –

To make sure you get the bonuses, it’s the usual process: –

Here’s the link to use ~> Autoblogs

please MAKE SURE the affiliate ID shown at the bottom of the “Secure Payment Form/Order Page” says this: –

[affiliate = confirm]

If it doesn’t then you will need to clear your cookies in your browser settings and then use the link above again

Once you have successfully grabbed your copy follow these steps: –

~ 1. visit
~ 2. open a support ticket
~ 3. paste a copy of the receipt you get from ClickBank

Here’s the link to use to grab your copy ~> Autoblogs

1. Automated Blogs
2. AutoBlogs
[this post: AutoBlogs]

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Comment by William
2010-09-21 10:54:48

I do like this auto-blogging system more becasue it leaves you the option to go fully auto or get in there and change posts, images etc around a bit as you like.

I like the language translation feature too but know not to go overboard translating the content from one language to the next multiple times. I’ve found 1 to 2 times is enough or the content may sound grammatically wrong or even a few sentences ending up having no meaning. You can of course edit to correct this before posting.

So, great software even for those used to buying stuff and keeping if on their hard disks to collect dust but go easy on the translation feature.

Thanks for the heads up on this Matt 🙂

Comment by admin
2010-09-23 17:01:54

Hi William,
yup, the system is sophisticated enough to allow both a great level of control, as well as as much automation as you could possibly want, and still be damned easy to use!
did you see the video I made here: –

Comment by steve
2010-09-25 11:45:39


I received an email on the 25th that seemed to advertise a set-up & optimization tutorial at this time: AutoBlogs – 2010-09-20 08:20:13-04. Is this available because it seems to have already past? Am I missing something? Thanks for your help.

Comment by admin
2010-09-27 21:22:50

Hi Steve,
I guess you’re thinking about the video I’ve posted in a related post here: –


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