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Article Writing Software Tool: Beta Testers Needed…

I bet I’m not the only one who’s had this: –

You need to get a post written for your blog, or perhaps an article for submission, so you sit down with a blank screen to get it done, and you end up just sitting there staring at the blank page, until you find something else to distract you…

and the blog post, or article, just doesn’t get written!

Sometimes you just can’t get started, you need somewhere to start from, some spark or idea…

yup, I guessed that wasn’t just me! 😉

it happens, there’s even a name for it, ‘writer’s block’, you may not be an author pening some ‘War & Peace” epic, but you can still get the dreaded writer’s block, all the same!

and most of the time all it will take to get you through is a few simple ideas to give you somewhere to start from…

one of the things I love about spending so much time is, sooner or later, someone provides us with a solution to these kind of problems, and this one is a doozy!

Quicklink: –

It’s from a guy who has just about THE best reputation for creating top notch tools that “do what it says on the box”.

AND BEST OF ALL, right now it’s FREE!


simple, he’s looking for beta testers to give him some feedback on how he can make it even better…

it’s a system that walks you through creating niche content in loads of different categories by using pre-defined templates that give you the ideas and inspiration you need to get started with the writing.

There are over 2,000 templates in the database already, with more coming all the time.

It’s super simple to use and can help you write articles faster than ever before.

Here’s some comments from some lucky people who have already got in:

~ “I was able to write a 300 words article within 10 minutes thanks to the suggestions.

~ “To be honest I was convinced I can not write articles. Yep, I am 4 years in business but I’ve always hired someone to write the articles or just rewrite them with TBS.” But with Jiffy Articles? “614 words in 18 minutes.

~ “Just tried it and pumped out 761 words in about half an hour.

~ “I have just finished writing an article on SEO; I found that using Jiffy made the process very easy. I finished an article of 650 words in just 30 minutes.

AND, as I mentioned above, as the system is still in Beta testing, and they want more feedback, you can get in right nor for free… 🙂

It is real simple to use, b ut they’re putting a bunch of training material in for you as well, just to make sure you get the most out of it!

Here’s the link to get in for free as a Beta Tester now: –

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