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Archive for November, 2012

Simple Traffic Tutorials for you [under $5]

Paying for traffic from sources like Google Adwords can quickly become expensive, and you still can’t totally rely on it.

My friend John Thornhill use to use Adwords for much of his traffic, until google decided to close down his account, without warning…

<-*Note: yes, he really is a mate, above is a pic of John & me, and a couple of other friends, out for beers in my home town a while back.

John didn’t let Google’s actions stop his business in it’s tracks, he went out and learnt how to get traffic from all sorts of other sources.

He’s become so good at it that he got over 2 Billion hits last year!

Now he’s just released a series of 50 simple to follow traffic tutorials showing exactly how he generates all that traffic, and right now you can get hold of the whole lot for under $5…

Simple Traffic Tutorials

The videos not only come in a variety of formats, such as mp4, ipad viewable video, mp3 audio’s and transcripts…