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RSS Authority Backlinks

RSS Authority Backlinks

How to use a free desktop RSS feed reader ‘Authority” Backlinks and Traffic

Below is a 10 min video showing you how easy it is to use a free RSS reader to get authority backlinks in your niche, as well as to bring in fresh, targeted visitors, AND get new ideas for your own content, AND start building your own ‘authority’ (reputation).

It’s not only free to do, but it’s quick and easy to set up, and is a backlinking method that is unlikely to ever be hit by any Google Updates/penalties.

So here’s the video to show you how it works: –

and make sure you pop my RSS feeds in to the RSS Feedreader: –

Note: just remember the standard ‘good practice’ rule of blog commenting, if you want the comment to get approved make it a decent comment, note just ‘nice post bro’… 😉

You should also check out the related post on making your RSS feed work for your blog to bring back your visitors here: –