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Archive for April, 2011

Learn How To Create Your Own Digital “info” Products

having your very own info product makes a massive difference to your reputation & credibility, as well your “bottom line”, but it can be real scary getting that first product created, right..?

Not any more, get your first Info product, the EASY way…!!!

~> Easy Info Product Creation

Discover what is without doubt the quickest & easiest way to create your very own “info” product in super quick time, and start churning them out to the tune of 3 or 4 a month without breaking a sweat!

Part of the power of creating your own info products is you can not only sell them, either as “one off’s” over time as a membership plan, but you can also use them as freebies to giveaway to build your email subscribers list…

In this course, you will learn: –

–> What Kind of Products Are Easiest to Create, Even if You are Just Starting Out

–> How to Easily Find out What People Want to Buy in Your Niche


Automated RSS Submission

SENuke Automated RSS Directory Submission
This is a quick video to show just how easy it is to automate the submission of all your RSS feeds to 30 RSS diretcory sites using the SENuke X Automation Software.

If you’re wondering why you want to submit your RSS feeds to as many RSS sites as possible, well it’s simple…

Your site/blog post will get indexed by the search engines, and you’ll end up with more backlinks and free traffic, which is always a good thing! This tool just make the whole process a LOT easier…

here’s the video [10 mins]: –

and you can grab your copy of the SENuke X tool here: –

SENuke X

There’s also a previous blog post and demonstration video showing how the software can automate the creation of over 236 web site profilts here: –
Automatically Create Social Profiles

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