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Archive for August, 2010


WP Syndicator

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WP Syndicator Totutorial and review video

This short video shows how to set up and configure the WPSyndicator social bookmarking syndication plugin, as well as the different ways in which it can be used.

The Plugin can be set up to automatically syndicate your new blog posts to the 15 web2.0 sites as soon as you publish a new post.

or you can go back and syndicate previous posts to any of the 15 sites at any time, giving you a great deal of control over how the system works.

The most time consuming  part of setting up the plugin is setting up new accounts with all 15 of the bookmarking sites it uses, as this can take 30-60 mins.

But it only has to be done once, and from there on it’s the a breeze to use this simple plugin.

The plugin basically automates the syndication of your blog posts to 15 social bookmarking sites,  including:  –


Epic Resale Rights Firesale

Top Internet Marketer Eric Holmlund is running another of his totally EPIC 7 day fire sales and it’s a hum dinger!

here’s the quick link  ~> Epic Resale Rights Firesale

the fire sale includes: –

¬ 33 software programs
¬ 15 complimentary ebooks
¬ 7 day course showing how to get set up online
¬ sales pages for the products
¬ user guides for the software

these will be your own software programs that you can sell as your own, so pretty much a ready made software business for you…

and, as always with Eric’s 7 day sales, the price is ridonculously cheap!

Seriously, you won’t believe the price once you’ve seen what you’re getting…

all the programs are up to date and work, complete with user guides in pdf and MS Word format, so you can add things to them yourself and put your own name to them

the user guides are detailed, including full sets of screen shots to help people get up and running with them


WordPress API Key

How To Get a WordPress API Key

A couple of the more important WordPress Plugins (specifically WP Stats & Akismet) require a WordPress API Key to work, but where do you find your WordPress API Key?

I’ve made a quick video to show exactly where you can find your WP API number and how to pop it in to WP Stats and Akismet to make sure they are activated.

You will need to get a account set up, which is free, and you can check the WordPress API instructions page here: –

Getting Your WordPress API Key

You can also find the links for the dowload pages for both the WordPress Stats plugin and the Akismet plugin on the WP Plugins Page

[this post: WordPress API Key]