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Archive for July, 2010


Web Site Money Machines

Get 5 Complete Websites + Bonus = Watch Me Build One…

The doors have just opened on Mark Ling’s AffiloJetPack and I’ve already grabbed myself a copy of this set of 5 ready made websites, you can grab yours here: –

~> Web Site Money Machines

The important bit to understand here is that you’re not just getting a bunch of websites, you’re actually getting a ready made online business.

Most “internet marketing” courses and products simply show you how to do things, not this one, Mark’s actually done the work for you, all based on what he does in his own business that pulls in $118,712.37 every month on auto-pilot!

so let’s take a look at what you actually get: –

~> 1. All the research has been done for you, Mark and his team know exactly how to pick the very best niche markets to make money online, and he’s found 5 of the very best niches for you

~> 2. You get not just 1, but 3 high quality Free info reports, for each niche, that you can give away to help build your email subscriber list

A mate of mine, Chris Freville, has been giving away a whole bunch of cool info for free over the last week or so, including: –

~> Step By Step Video Of How I Built A Brand New List Of 2,952 Subscribers In 72 Hours [27 min Video]

~> Free Landing Page Templates [zip download]

~> The $500 a day Blueprint [pdf download]

~> Building Your List From Zero [pdf download]

This is some seriously cool info on how to get your list building started and turn it in to an automated system, using the method that Chris uses himself to build his own $45,000+ a month income…

and you can grab it all for FREE right now, I’ll show you how in a moment…

so why has Chris been giving away all this cool free stuff?

Simple, he’s got a fantastic new course he’s offering and the doors have opened on it today, called Internet Marketing Empires, but that means you’ve missed out on the freebies, right?



Web Site Traffic Secrets

There’s been a bunch of questions about Simon and Jeremy’s Underground Traffic Blueprint videos, so I thought I’d quickly post their replies, and some feedback from happy customers, along with a quick reminder of the very special (and LIMITED) bonuses I’ve got on offer for this wicked video tutorial website traffic course.

So here’s the most popular Questions and the Answers: –

Question #1: Does this really work?

Answer: YES!

Take a look at this feedback:

“My Results from just one method taught in the Underground Traffic Blueprint Course –

In a nutshell, I spent $25.03 to get 1,627 clicks to my website – and added 218 new subscribers to my list!

This is SERIOUS traffic, responsive – and it’s cheap. You need to learn how to drive it to YOUR website.

Get Underground Traffic Blueprints!”

– Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian

That’s less than $0.12 per confirmed subscriber!

I’ve had a look at this particular tactic and it really is simple to put in place, it’s one that I’m going to be using a LOT myself… 🙂


Get More Website Traffic

How To Get More Website Traffic

It’s a question every website owner has asked at some point…

Let’s face it, without enough visitors, your website, no matter how professional it looks, will not make any money!

You need traffic, especially targeted traffic.

Learning how to get that traffic can be a massive ordeal, partly because there are so many different potential methods that you can use, from Pay Per Click (PPC) to free “organic” search traffic from search engine optimization (SEO).

Then there’s all the other traffic generation tactics, like article marketing, ppv, cpa, social media optimization (SMO) and social bookmarking, diretcory submissions, blogging, blog commenting, getting trackbacks, RSS submission, video submission, getting backlinks, press releases, yahoo answers, etc. etc. etc.

This list goes on and on, you could easily spend months, if not years, experimenting with all of these different methods, trying to find the one’s that really work, and how to make them work effectively for your site.

Some of us have… 😉