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Archive for May, 2010

How do you choose a Niche that’s going to make money?

It’s one of the biggest problems people face when starting out online, not just because it’s something you need to decide right at the start, but pick the wrong niche and you’re probably never gonna make a bean!

One of the most pushed answers is “go with your passion“, which is great if your passion happens to be in a highly popular and profitable niche, but if your it’s something a bit off beat like “Snail Racing” or “collecting 18th century buttons”, then that bit of advice is not going to help you one bit!

Personally I’m not too bothered about how “passionate” I am about the niche itself, I’d rather know that it’s a profitable one, that’s usually enough to keep me interested, after all, this is a business I’m running, and you should look at it in the same way.

So then it comes down to doing a whole bunch of keyword and market research to make sure…

  • there’s sufficient searches for the niche