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Archive for January, 2010

John Thornhill’s Coaching MasterClass for 2010 has just gone live and he’s now accepting new students, although I’m not sure how long for as the places on offer are likely to be snapped up quickly, you’ll understand why when you see just how much he’s offering…

[note: skip to the bottom to see my bonus offer and how to claim yours]

I’ve posted some of the case studies from last year’s students over on, you can see them here: –

# Case Study Craig Stringham
# Case Study Robert Corrigan
# Case Study Kathy Dobson
# Case Study Steve Wilkins
# Case Study Stuart Turnbull
# Case Study Jacinta Dean
# Case Study John Edwards

so you can see just how happy previous students have been with John’s coaching!

John’s one of those rare “guru’s” who doesn’t make the bulk of his income from teaching, he makes it from doing what he then teaches, which means he really does know what he’s talking about and he knows exactly how to help others achieve the same results!

John Thornhill’s Coaching MasterClass


Twitter Automation

Last summer I noticed that a few of my niche sites where I had set up a corresponding Twitter account were starting to get more traffic from those Twitter accounts, so I figured it was time to take a more serious look at how I could capitalize on Twitter for driving even more taregted free visitors to my sites.

I spent a few weeks expanding my knowledge of exactly how Twitter works and after a lot of playing around came up with a method for building pretty big lists of targeted followers very quickly. It was one of those kind of “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that sooner” moments…

I used the tactic on a couple of accounts and ended up having to increase the bandwidth allocation on my servers for those sites because of the extra traffic that Twitter was bringing them.

At some point I was chatting on skype with my friend Tahir Shah and mentioned what I’d been doing and that I wanted to automate the whole process to make it hands free.