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2010 Best Blog Posts

2010 Best Blog Posts [Part 2]

Welcome to 2011 and Happy New Year!

here’s the freebie I promised yesterday: –

it’s a 50+ page report on video marketing, enjoy!

and here’s yesterday’s blog post [part 1] in case you missed it: –

Looking back over the year I think I have to admit I was a bit lazy and didn’t get many new products of my own released, although I did manage to get a few out over just the last month or so…

It just goes to show that it is better to work on just one project at a time, rather than several at the same times, or you end up releasing a whole bunch of stuff in a short time, instead of evenly over the year!

So I suspect you can guess what my New Year’s resolution is… 😉

In case you did miss any of them, here’s a quick short list of some of the bits I did manage to get finished off: –

16 Free Quick Start Internet Marketing Manuals

The “Auto Profit Plan”

How pick profitable niches 1st time, every time

Warp Speed Video Marketing Report

& it’s “big brother”, the Instant Article Video Software

The Blog Carnival Submitter Tool

MP3 interview with Jit Uppal on using AdSwaps for Listbuilding

The best collection of traffic generating automation software

5 “Free Tips” sites: –

and a couple of “cheap offer” PLR products that proved to be very popular: –
FanPage Dollars

Facebook Marketing Extreme

& HTML for Beginners

the best part for me is I already have most of this year planned, and I intend to make sure it’s even better than 2010! 🙂

so what have you got planned for 2011..?

more on this tomorrow… 🙂

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Comment by Tina Lindgren
2011-02-14 05:38:37

Hi Matt,
Happy new year to you – I miss you man 🙂

I enjoyed reading your araticle and it gave me a good advice – Stick to one project at a time. Sounds real simple, but every time I needed to do something real boring about a project, instead of just getting it done – I began working on the fun part of a new project.

I will definetely keep your new year resolution in mind.

Hope to see you in real life this year – I am back in the game this time with Alex Jeffreys as my mentor.

Big hug

Comment by admin
2011-02-16 21:22:53

Hi Tina,
great to hear from you!
yup, it’s easy to move on to the next “exciting” project when you get stuck on something, but getting the problem out of the way can be very satisfying, and ultimately more productive… 🙂
Good choice, Alex is an excellent coach!
hopefully I’ll bump in to you sometime this year!


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