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Archive for March, 2009

I made short video a little while back showing how to get fr.e.e traffic to blogs and websites with Blog Carnival Submission, if you’ve not seen it yet then you can watch it here –

Note: it’s only 5 mins long and is pure content.

This is one of the simplest traffic tricks you can use, it only takes a few minutes to do for each blog and is fr.e.e, which is always cool.

It’s also very effective, I’ve used this tactic on many of my blogs, including my most popular ones!

If you’d like to make the whole process even quicker and easier then here’s is a cheap software tool that you can use top help speed up the process even more: –

Note: you don’t have to use this tool to do carnival submissions, you can do them for fr.e.e by hand, but this tool will make the whole process quicker and easier to do, which for just $27 is pretty cool, but it’s up to you…. :cool:

Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, Myspace – we’ve all heard of these sites right..?
they’re all huge “community” sites that not only generate their own content, they make their owners a LOT of dosh!!!

so how about getting your own…

Get Your Own Social Network Site Business

the video’s not very long and the guys show you the whole process of how you can get your own social network site and have the entire thing hands free automated, and be profiting from it ASAP!

if you’ve been looking for a way of getting an online business that doesn’t involve having your won product or service, or list building, or ppc, or adsense, or even blogging..

then this is it!

oh, I should also have mentioned that the guys behind the social networking site stuff hold your hand through every step you need, so they’re very limited on how many people they can do this with, so PLEASE go do this NOW: –

Your Social Network Site Business


Giveaways Gift Reminder ->

Some changes, an apology and a gift for you.

over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a disturbing change in how I spend my time…

I’m now spending 3-4 hours every day just answering email questions on a “1 to 1” basis and it’s stopping me having the time to do more useful stuff that can benefit all of my blog readers & subscribers, like products tests, tips & real lessons, & (my favorite) tutorial videos on the stuff you really need to know…

I do enjoy being able to chat with people and help out wherever I can, but I need to get back to doing it more on a “1 to many” basis so I can help more people, rather than just a few people.

So I Apologise, but I’m going to have to be a lot tighter on the time I spend answering questions on a personal “1 to 1” basis, to get back to making the lessons, tips and videos that I enjoy doing and can help more people…

What this means for you?