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Archive for October, 2008

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For the last month or so (if not longer) my Feedburner RSS Feed for this blog hasn’t been working correctly, and whatever I tried I couldn’t work out why…

I’ve tried switching different plugins on and off, even turning all of them off.

I also had my themes coder check the code for this theme over with a “fine tooth comb”, and even tried restiing the theme to the default one for a short while.

none of which worked! 🙁

Then yesterday a friend of mine suggesting I should go back and check the simplest of things, like whether I’d entered the original feed url in to my FeedBurner account properly, I guess he knows how bad my typing can be at times… lol!

Well, he was right, which goes to show you should always check the simplest and basic stuff first!

it turned out I had included the “www.” in the url for the original RSS feed in FeedBurner, the moment I removed that the problem was solved, at last!

Using Custom WP Blog Themes To Get Backlinks and Traffic

It seems that my custom WP blog themes have been reasonably popular with people, with well over 1,000 downloads already!

Although it seems the BlueSimple theme has nudged ahead as the most popular of the 4 themes: –

BlogTacticsBlueSimple – 29% of downloads

BlogTacticsVintage – 24% of downloads

BlogTacticsBYS – 23.5% of downloads

BlogTacticsBOS – 23.5% of downloads

There have been a lot of comments giving thanks for me offering these themes for free, which I really do appreciate, but I thought I’d better come clean and explain exactly what I’m up to, as it’s not entirely an “altruistic” act of generosity… 🙂

In marketing online it’s always best to look for opportunities to get more than one benefit from anything you do, and the custom themes are a classic example of being able to get multiple benefits!

obviously, the first benefit is that I have my own themes that are designed the way i want them, with some extra features built in to make life easier, like the built in banners admin and the built in option for adding custom header graphics straight from your hard disk.

Adding a Favicon to your Blogtactics Custom WordPress Theme : 2.12 Mins

adding a favicon to yoru blog


Using WP Text Widgets

How to use WordPress Text Widgets to add custom code to your blog : 2.46 Mins

Using P Blog Text Widgets

Using WordPress Widgets To Cusomize Your Blog : 4.33 Mins

Using WordPress Widgets

Adding Author Details and Product Recommendations to Your Blog : 3.09 Mins

Custom blog Info


Changing blog header colors

Changing the color of your header text in Blogtactics WP Themes : 2.20 Mins

Changing Blog Headers