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Archive for July, 2008


Proof Blogging Makes Money

If you didn’t take a look and Andrew Hansen’s new Auto Blog System yet you really should!

Auto Blogging System


well, he’s just done a case study to show how simple it is to start making sales with his system.

He set up a new blog and just used a few of the free traffic and link building activities covered in the system and…

The brand new blog pulled it’s first sale within 4 days!

Then two days later, another sale!

In it’s first week, this little blog did $54, and ONLY from free traffic!

What makes this even more impressive is that he only put a couple of hours work in to this blog…

AND the content is non unique content from article directories!

Andrew’s not the only one making money with the system, it’s only been released for about a week and there’s a whole bunch of users who are already reporting success with the system, one guy even made his first sale within 15 hours of his blog being live!


Free Twitter Blog Plugin

If you’ve got a blog and you’re already on Twitter then you should realise that the two combined can bring you even more traffic, so just go grab the plugin here: –

If you’ve got a blog but aren’t on Twitter yet, go open a twitter account now: –

then sign up to “follow” me to see what it’s all about here: –

then go grab the brand new (and free) Plugin that brings your blog and your twitter account together here: –

What does the plugin do?

Simple, when you make a post on your blog it automatically posts it in twitter, and when you make posts in twitter the last few (your choice how many) are displayed on your blog, so it feeds visitors from your blog to your twitter account and vice versa…

I’m also going to do a few videos on using Twitter as there’s some cool features that are well worth knowing about, as well as some neat tools (like Thwirl) that make it easier to use, not that it’s exactly difficult in the first place..

This actually launched a few days ago, but I wanted to have the chance to check it out before I told you about it.

It’s from a 22 year old who’s practically retired and spends most of his time travelling, thanks to his blogs…

His name’s Andrew Hansen and he’s got an excellent track record in the internet marketing world, as his products are always based on what he does himself tomake a living online, and they’re always simple to follow and understand, but for this one he’s gone a step further!

He’s now set up a system to automate the process he uses to build profit pulling blogs and pull in all the traffic he needs and he’s giving you the chance to use it!


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