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Archive for June, 2008

30,509 bloggers can’t be wrong, can they..?

What do Top bloggers Darren Rowse, Gobala Krishan and Chris Garrett all have in common?

Free Blog BluePrint

I’ll tell you in a minute, but first let me answer the question I posed in the subject line, can 30,509 bloggers be wrong?

well, the numbers probably a lot higher than that by now, it’s the number of bloggers (or aspiring bloggers to be) who have downloaded Top Blogger Yaro Starak’s FREE Blog Profits Blueprint.

I can tell you that they’re not wrong, as I’m one of them!

Just one small nugget from this blueprint allowed me to pull in an extra 5,500+ visitors to just one of my blogs in 2 days flat!!!

yeah, I thought that might get your attention, it sure got mine…

Free Blog BluePrint

Yaro is one of the world’s top PRO bloggers and earnt a six figure income ($110,305+) last year from his blog, working as little as 2 hours per day.


Definitive Guide To Blogging

THE definitive guide to Blogging from a REAL Pro! (imho)

Once in a while someone actually takes the time and effort to put together a teaching manual that is a definitive guide to a subject.

Something that’s not going to sell because it’s marketed well, but because of the word of mouth that is generated because it’s just so darned good.

Super Affiliate Blogging Guide

It’s even better when that someone is a true PRO at the subject.

Gobala Krishan manages to go one step further too, he just happens to be able to put it all together in a way that is understandable on different levels.

So not only is the “advanced” stuff useful for affiliate marketers and bloggers who already know the basics, but he also manages to show “newbies” how to get to that stage without “burn out” from “tech speak”…

That I’m impressed goes without saying, but I’ve gotta also “fess up” and admit that I’m jealous!

As a quick follow up to yesterdays post about the new partnership at AskTheIMExperts, one of the other questions that is coming up regularly is how to get started on building your own subscriber list.

I’ve just posted two blog posts that cover different aspects of list building, including how to get started, you can read them here: –

Building Joint Venture Partnerships

List building with internet marketing ad swaps and giveaways

you should also watch the videos on the Blog Tutorial Vidoes page that cover using AWeber and how to add an optin form to your blog.

I should also mention that I’m running a competition for the best tip for getting JV partners that I will be giving away $100 for the best answer/tip.

The $100 prize will be padi via PayPal and you can add your tip/entry here: –

100 Dollar JV Tips BlogPost Competition

and if you’ve ever wondered about whether your getting the bandwidth that you’re paying for from your internet service provider, you may also enjoy this post: –

Internet Connection Speed Tests

OK, first up I have to apologise for not having made any new posts for a month!

Since I moved house I’ve been a bit “lazy” and have been enjoying “discovering” the “ammenities” in my new area, yes, that does mean checking out the local pubs to see which are the best, there’s just a lot to choose from…

I’m starting to get caught up on the inevitable backlog of work that has built up because of this, so I should be back up to speed and adding lost of new videos over the next few weeks, apart from one week where I’ll be lying on a beach in Spain that is. 🙂

If you’re on my list you should be aware by now that I’ve teamed up with 3 other succesful internet marketing experts, Kevin Riley, Daniel McGonagle and Fabian Tan, to try and offer more help to anyone struggling to get those first online commissions coming in.