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Archive for April, 2008

I’ve been working on a Blog Carnival Submission service, it started as a project for my own business, but I figured as it works so well for me, I should be offering it to you as well!

I’ve been using the service myself for a few weeks now, but I’d like to introduce a just a few new people to make sure it’s absolutely spot on before I “go public” with it, so this is your opportunity to get in early…

If you’d like to get a free month’s worth of Blog Carnival Submission service then there’s two ways you can do so: –

1. Pick up a copy of Alvin Phang’s excellent Atomic Blogging using the link below and send a copy of your receipt to me – ask matt garrett

Atomic blogging

2. If you’ve already got Atomic Blogging then you can pick up either a copy of Jacobi’s new AdWord Profits 2 report here: –

AdWords Profits 2

or Tina’s superb “Selling Scruffy’s” here: –

Selling Scruffys

and email me a copy of your receipt – ask matt garrett


WP Plugin Activator

My apologies, it’s been a little while since I’ve added a new video or new post, and next week is likely to be quite as well simply because I’m moving and and things are a bit “up in the air” right now.

However, my wonderful coder has managed to finish off another plugin for me, it’s a simple to use plugin that allows you to activate or de-activate multiple plugins at one time, so when you are setting up a new blog you no longer need to activate the plugins one by one!

I know this is going to save me a LOT of time!

Here’s the video (6 Mins): –

I don’t often reveal my niche/test blogs, but if you pay attention in this video you’ll see a 2 or 3, including one that is not only totally automated, but also gets 100+ unique visitors a day without me doing anything to it since I set it up..

I even show you the stats, and if you pause the video and ignore the blip in March caused by the host, you can see that the traffic is actually growing month on month, and I’ve not even used any of my backlink strategies on this blog, as it was set up as a test for this plugin.

I guess you can say I’m pleased with the results!!! 🙂

So what’s this video about?

well, there’s a free WordPress plugin that you can use to have unique’s content articles posted to your blog every day totally automatically, making the blog “hands free”.

PLEASE NOTE: To find where you can download the Plugin for FREE you NEED to watch the video!

For some third party scripts and add ons you will occaisionally need to add a new MySQL database on your webhosting.</p>

This quick video (2 Mins 56 Secs) shows how easy it is to do this in cpanel:

This is just a quick video (3 Mins 35 Sec) to show how to update or change (CHMOD) file permissions and file attributes using ftp software: –

you can grab the free FileZilla FTP software I use in the video here:

FileZilla Download

BlogCatalog sent out an email earlier today mentioning a new blog widget from a site called JargonFish that&#8217;s supposed to “helpful resources” to your blog content.

it works by highlighting keywords in your posts that when a visitor click on will bring up a new “floating” box with these “helpful resources” in.

when you set up the widget you can choose which “resources” your widget displays, including Yahoo News, Flickr, Technorati, BlogCatalog, Amazon and ebay.

now here’s the bit that get’s me, the amazon and ebay feeds would seem to be using JargonFish’s own affiliate codes, as there is nowhere to input yours when you create the widget!

there is a payment information page in the setup area where you can choose to be paid by check, paypal or wire (wire only when balance is over $5k), but I can’t find any details at all that tell you what % revenue share there is, if any..

and to top it off the field for your paypal addess is limited to just 20 characters, so if your PayPal email address is over that (mine is 21) you can’t get paid via PayPal.