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Archive for February, 2008

This short video will show you how easy it is to add AdSense Ads to your wordpress blog using text widgets.</p>

Widget enabled themes make a lot of things easier with your wordpress blogs and this is one of them.

Make sure you have a Widget Enabled Blog theme, check the Blogtactics Themes Page for some free ones.

This short video will show you how easy it is to add AdSense Ads to your wordpress blog sidebar menu in a wordpress theme that doesn&#8217;t have  widgets.

You will need to have your adsense ads code from your adsense account, there’s tutorials on AdSense to show you how to get this.


Moving Your Blog

As I&#8217;ve been moving some of my old sites and blogs to a new web host (as mentioned in my Cheap Reseller Web hosting Post) I thought I’d take the opportunity to make a tutorial video showing how to move your wordpress blog by backing it up using the WP Backup Plugin and restoring it on to a new host using the MySQL PHPMyAdmin facility in cPanel.

It’s not actually as difficult as that may make it sound. If you’re a newbie or technophobe when it comes to using the cPanel hosting fetures it may sound a bit scary, but this video shows that it’s really just a case of clicking on the right links in cpanel and then browsing to the saved backup file on your hard disk to import the whole thing and get your blog back up and running on the new host.

here’s the link for the WP DB Backup plugin:

The video is a bit long, over 10 mins in total, as I also go through using the plugin to save the backup, as well as changing the nameservers to move your blog/domain to the new hosting plan.


Nofollow Blog Link Plugin

I&#8217;ve not been posting much over the last week or so, but it’s not because I’ve been lazy, just a little busy..

One of the things that I’ve been working on is a new free Plugin for you, althogh I won’t claim to have coded it myself, I outsourced the work as usual. 🙂

I made a post a couple of weeks ago about dealing with a Google PR0 penalty  to your blog for “allegedly” selling text links, which is something I’ve never done on this site, but Google seem to believe I have, as they’ve recently made PR for this blog a big fat Zero.

I believe the penalty is based on having a long list of “recommended resource” links in my blogroll, none of which include the Rel=”nofollow” tag, as it’s not a default option offered by WordPress, so Pagerank is being passed to those sites listed, which some bright spark at Google has obviously assumed that I’m getting paid for.


BlogCarnival Blog Links

If you&#8217;re a regular visitor to this blog you may have noticed my Technorati backlinks number has been steadily growing over the last few weeks and it’s pretty much all from one source – BlogCarnivals!

What are blog Carnival’s you ask..

Well, there basically just other bloggers doing a post that links to other blogs that are related to theirs, the trick is finding out about these “carnivals”, but that’s also pretty easy as there’s a site dedicated to listing upcoming Carnival’s.

This site, called BlogCarnival strangely enough, also allows you to submit your blog to these carnivals, making it a piece of cake.

I’m already seeing real traffic as well as backlinks from submitting to the carnivals so I’d really recommend you add this to your daily or weekly process for building backlinks and traffic to your blog.

The number of incomgin links you get to your blog will depend on how good your post(s) are, so make sure you make some good quality useful posts before submitting and the time you spend will be more effective, although it doesn’t actually take very long.



I&#8217;ll be adding a list of my favorite plugins to use with WordPress Blogs here shortly, but in the meantime you can grab the BlogTactics “Nofollow” plugin here:

Download Blogtactics NoFollow Plugin 

I’ll post a link to the video showing how it works as soon as it’s finished, althoughit is pretty simple to use, just upload it, activate it and when you are adding new links to your blogroll Click on the “Link Relationship (XFN)” option and just tick the “pr_nofollow” box..

Your new blogroll link will now have the Rel=”nofollow” tag added, just to keep the”Big G” happy. :roll:


AdSense Deluxe Plugin

As I’m just doing a video to show how to add AdSense ads to your blogs I thought I better put alink here for the AdSense Deluxe plugin that I cover in the video:

AdSense Delux WordPress Plugin


No WWW Plugin

I’ve done a post on why you should do this here: [coming soon]

Here’s the link for the plugin:

No WWW Plugin

I published my first wordpress podcast on this blog a couple of days ago ( and it was a piece of cake to do thanks to the Podpress Podcast plugin and I promised to do a video showing how to get the plugin up and running, so here it is:

I’ve started using Podcasts on a couple of my other blogs as well, check them out here:


Cheap Reseller Hosting

It can be a bit of a chore to find a reliable hosting plan that doesn&#8217;t cost an arm and a leg..

With several hundred live sites I have ended up with over a dozen different reseller hosting plans over the last few years and one or two are proving to be very unreliable.

the biggest culprit os a host called “My kind of host” (mkoh dot com).

I would really recommend staying well clear of these guys!

My account with them was hacked three times in the last few months and all the sites I had hosted with them were trojan’s and other nasty auto downloads, and there support was totally unhelpful when it came to fixing the problem, so I’ve had to move all my sites away from them.

A couple of other reseller accounts are also proving to be unreliable as they are often down, meaning my sites can’t be found and therefor can’t earn me any money, so I decided it was time to find a reliable (and economical) new host that I could move all these sites too.