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Archive for January, 2008

Social Proof is a very powerful psychological influencing factor, if you don’t believe me go grab a copy of Robert Caldiani’s book “Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion” from Amazon now, it’s one of the most enlightening books I’ve ever read, especially when it comes to why we buy things..

But how does adding your site to MyBlogLog add “social proof” to your website?

Well it doesn’t, unless you also add their widget to your blog and get a few visitors who are also signed up with MyBlogLog.

this quick video shows just how quick and easy it is to add your blog to MyBlogLog, as well as how to add the widget you need to your blog.

Note: to start off with your widget may not show any MyBlogLog visitors, in this case spend some time in MyBlogLog checking out other peoples profiles that are related to your market, visit their blog(s), then leave some nice comments and feedback for them to encourage them to do the same for you.

Technorati is just a list of blogs right?</p>


Technorati is actually a major growing web 2.0 community site and an authority site in the eyes of the “mighty” ‘Giigle’, so claiming your blog on Technorati will not only get you (at least) one high quality backlink to your blog, it can also bring you a whole bunch of very targeted traffic to your site.

I say “at least” one link, as once you start attracting visitors from the Technorati community, you are also likely to start getting some more backlinks from those bloggers who like your site..

Adding your blog, or “Claiming” it as Technorati call it, is actually a quick and simple process, this video shows exactly how to do it, so watch the video and then go claim your new authority site backlink now, you might just be surprised at how quickly it starts to bring in new visitors to you blog, I was..

If you&#8217;ve not heard of (come out from under that web 1.0 rock now!) then you should know that it’s one of the most powerful of the new generation of “web 2.0” sites for bringing traffic to your blogs and websites, but just how easy is it to use..?

I’ve prepared three new videos for you to help you get to grips with StumbleUpon and start using it to bring in new visitors to your blogs.

the first video simply shows you how to sign up with StumbleUpon and add the stumbleupon toolbar to your browser so that you can start “stumbleing” sites, as well as why you might want to have more than one Stumbleupon account.

Note: I use both internet explorer and firefox browsers, so I have a separate StumbleUpon account that I use for each, one account in a “pen name” that I can use to “Stumble” my own sites, and one account in my real name that I can use to “Stumble” other peoples sites. 👿 The second video shows you how to actually “Stumble” a site, it’s really pretty quick and simple once you’ve got the toolbar installed, and after you’ve watched this video you’ll be Stumbleing around like an old pro… 🙂

Earlier today I posted a video to show just how easy it is to create your your own favicon using a free graphics tool called Gimp, so here’s the second video to show you how to add your new favicon to your blog or website, it’s actually pretty simple…

This video is 4 minutes long.

note: favicons do not always show up immediatly, usually because your internet browser “caches” images to speed things up.

try hitting the F5 function key to refresh your browser and this may start your new favicon dislaying, if not, simply close your brower and try again in a while.

Adding a favicon to your site can help make your site “stick out” in your visitors mind and encourage them to bookmark your site and return again…

You&#8217;ve probably noticed that some sites have a different icon in your internet browser from the standard internet explorer or firefox icon.

Here’s a pic with a few example favicons on some of my sites:

example website favicons

Some of them actually look pretty cool, but more importantly, they help to “brand” a site and make it stand out.

The icon, called a “favicon”, is also used in the broswer “Favorites/bookmarked sites” list when a visitor adds that site, which again helps that site stand out and be easier to spot, making it more likely that the visitor will remember the site and come back.

so you probably want to know how easy it is to do this for your own blog or website, right..?

Here’s a video showing just how easy it is to create your own favicon using a graphics tools you can download for free here:


This video is 6 Mins 5 seconds long.

Later today I’ll post another video showing you how to add the bit of html code you need to your blog or website to make your favicon show up, so stay tuned…

Did you realise that you can get backlinks to your blogs from your Facebook Profile page?</p>

It’s actually really simple to do using a new facebook application called TagK.

This app basically allows you to add links to a whole bunch of social sites to your profilepage, but more importantly, if you just invite a few friends, you get the option to add your own bespoke links!

this means you can add to any blog or site you want…

You may just recognise one of the people behind this new app.. 🙂

you can visit the blog to find out more about the app – TagK Facebook Social Site Links Application

or just go straight to the TagK application page on facebook

WordPress has a neat feature where it will automatically &#8220;ping” (i.e. inform) a list of RSS directories whenever you make a new post, which can get your blog some links and bring in extra traffic.

I’ve added a list of the sites I “ping” to my Free Internet Marketing Resources site, the video shows where to grab the zip file and how to put them in to your blog.


not only did 2007 zoom by, but 2008 seems to be trying to do the same…

I can’t believe this is my first post of 2008 on here, sorry about that!

I do have an “excuse” though, I’ve been fairly busy working on a few new projects that are almost ready for release.

the new BlogTactics WordPress themes are done and I’ll be adding them along with some videos on how to get the most out of them over the next week or so, as they have some fairly neat “features” built in.

I’ll also be posting a bunch of new videos to help you make the most of your blogs in 2008

The new videos include:

1. adding a RSS directory Ping List to your WordPress blog, including where to get my list of sites to ping to use
2. how to get backlinks from your facebook profile page
3. making a favicon for your site
4. adding a favicon to your blog or website
5. using to stumble your sites for traffic
6. adding the Technorati widget to your blog
7. adding the MyBlogLog widget to your blog
8. adding the BlogCatalog widget to your blog
9. increasing your alexa rank
10. setting up a squidoo page
11. using hubpages for traffic