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Archive for August, 2007

Having a “Sig” file automatically added to the bottom of your emails automatically can save a lot of time, so here’s how to do it:

how to add a sig file to your email in outlook

how to add a sig file to emails in outlook express

Next we’ll have a look at uploading files to your web hosting…

I’m only going to cover Outlook and Outlook Express simply as these are the only two email systems I’ve had experience with for the last 7 years, so if you use something else you’ll need to keep searching, sorry.

Here’s the videos, as usual they are pretty short, under 2 minutes each, and easy to follow:

how to add an email address in outlook

how to add an email address in oulook express

Next we’ll have a look at setting up “signature” files for your email in both Outlook and Outlook Express…

OK, this is another fairly quick and simple thing to do, but we also need to make sure we set up a couple of bits to minimize the amount of spam email we end up with, so watch the video to see exactly how to get your email account set up on your cPanel host.

you can set up as many email accounts as you need following this procedure.

The video is under 3 minutes long:

how to add an email address in cpanel

Next we’ll cover setting up your email account in MS Outlook and Outlook express.

You should now have your site added to your hosting plan and we’re ready to take the next step and install the blog.

This is the reason we chose a cPanel hosting plan in the first place, as cPanel includes a installation program called Fantastico which automates the installation of lots of different site management tools, WordPress being one of them

I’ve done another video to show you how to do this and it’s under 4 minutes long, so it’s not rocket science.

If you have some money to invest and are intending to set up multiple blogs you may well find it worth investing in an automated blog installation system.

I use one called WPManagerDX as it not only automates the installation of new blogs (on cPanel Hosts), but also allows me to automate a lot of the set-up, themes and plugins installation.

It also comes with a good selection of useful themes and plugins to help you get up and running.

you can check it out here: –

Automated WordPress Installation tool

So you’ve got your domain registered, you’ve got your host ready to go and you’ve got the nameservers updated to point your domain at your hosting plan, now you need to set up the domain as a site on the host.

Note: if you haven’t done all of he above yet, go back to the previous posts on how to do these steps.

As usual it’s easier for me to actually show you how to do this than try and “talk” you through it in text, so I’ve done a video showing your exactly how to set up your site on a cPanel host.

It’s not long, just 2 mins 43 secs.

how to add your site to a cpanel host

In the next post we’ll be adding our WordPress blog to our site using Fantastico, which makes it real simple to do.

Once you have your hosting set up you will need to “point” the domain you have registered at the hosting so that you can set up the site.

When you set up your hosting account you should have received a welcome email that includes two or more nameservers that will typically look something like this: –


To change the nameservers you need to go in to your domain in the domain registrar you used and update the “Nameservers” settings with the nameservers provided by your host.

I’ve done a video showing exactly how to do this with the registrar that I use (, but most registrars will have a fairly similar routine to do it.

here’s the video: –

in the next post we I will show you how to set up your site on your host…

So now we need a host to put our blog on.</p>

There are lots of cheap hosts around that will fulfill our needs, one of the more popular ones is Hostgator


They offer reseller hosting plans from as little as $9.95 a month, and when your blog starts getting big and you start running out of space (don’t worry, that’s not likely to be any time soon) you will be able to upgrade your account for more space and bandwidth.

I recommend getting a reseller hosting plan as this will allow you to host multiple sites on one hostin gplan, saving you money in the long run.

If for some reason you don’t want to go with Hostgator then just do a search in Google for “Reseller hosting plan” and you should find a LOT to choose from.

Or you can visit WebHostingTalk and have a look through the special offers forum there to find a bargain, but bear in mind they will vary in quality, as some will be provided by start up companies who may go out of business.

Thousands of domain names expire every day.</p>

The reasons vary from the owner simply forgetting to renew the domain to going out of business. Whatever the reason, you can grab some great bargains if you know how…

I’ve done a video to show how you can do this using a service called RegCompass

The video is here:

how to register expired domains

If you find a domain that you want to register then you can use these two services to try and grab the domain when it “drops” (i.e. becomes available to register)

If you do go for this I would again recommend that you check to make sure that the pagerank is not faked. I’ve been stung by this in the past, so I know it can and does happen. you don not want to spend money on a domain that seems to have high PR and turns out to be faked..

Check the domain you are interested in here: –

in the next step we’ll look at getting a host for your new site.