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Yesterday I¬†posted a bit of a long post on my working from home business blog, it’s over 2,500 words and uses example to show why I sometimes choose to use other¬†marketers affiliate links to promote¬†products.

You can read it here:

$100 Blog Post Competition

I decided to make it worth¬†your time to read though, so I’ve added an easy competition, which you can find the details of towards the bottom of the post..

The competition is for the best 2 comments based on the question I ask in the post.

Each of the two winners will get $50!

The Competition closes on Monday, so go have a “quick” (ish) read of the post and post your comment to make sure you’re in with a chance of winning some quick cash..

$100 Blog Post Competition

N.B. you will need to have a account in order to receive the prize money if you win…

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