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Keyword Research done for you…

we all know that to build a profitable niche site you need to make sure you get the keyword research right in the first place, otherwise it’s like building a house on a foundation of quicksand!

Now what if you never had to worry about getting the keyword research wrong ever again..?

In fact, what if you had access to all the keywords you could ever need, already researched for you, so you never needed to do keyword research again..?

OK, you asked, here it is, keyword research done for you: NicheReaper

NOTE: the price goes up at midnight Tuesday March 18th

What’s new in NicheReaper v2: -

#1: the data is now more accurate, we’re pulling data from Majestic SEO and SEMRush, which are two of the industry leading sources of search data.

#2: we are now pre-qualifying the keywords that get put in to the database, only keywords that have over 1,000 exact match searches and a CPC value of over $0.25, so you’re sure of the best quality keywords!

Persuasion Techniques In Marketing

marketers-influenceas a fellow Marketer I’ll bet you’ve had days when all your hard work just doesn’t seem to pay off…

You follow all the rules for bringing in cash and conversions in your niche and your efforts just get ignored!

You buy every new tool and resource but something is missing?


Marketers Influence

A senior expert in the field of influence and persuasion who is herself a successful marketer and software creator, has put together Coaching that is set to change your life!

I can’t think of a better way to get started in 2014, than with this knowledge and skill to weave influence and persuasion into everything you do.

Marketers Influence provides you with the knowledge that every experienced millionaire marketer has acquired.

Often they invest in training or high end Coaching in order to build this knowledge – now you can learn this easily!

Leah’s easy manner and comfortable style of professional Coaching combines with her own personal journey to the first half million in sales since she began selling products in our niche.

600+ of MY Best Marketing Tools & Resources Rated & Reviewed for you…

emt-wso-sI’m sharing all the best tool and software that I use to make life easy…

having the right tool for the job can save you a massive amount of time and headaches, I’ve gathered a massive colelction of them over the years, tolls and software for practically every occasion and circumstance!

now, with the help of a friend and fellow blogger, I’ve put together those tools all in one place so I can share them with you.

here’s just a taste of some of the 600+ Essential Marketing Toolkit “Gold Nuggets” covered: -

Gold Nugget #1: Affiliate Network Report – Which Are The Best Affiliate Networks for Specific Tasks?

Gold Nugget #2: SEO Resource Guide – What Are The Best SEO Resources?

Gold Nugget #3: Web Marketing Toolkit – The Web Marketing Tools You Can’t Do Without!

Gold Nugget #4: Screen Measuring Utility – Speed up your Image Edits!

Gold Nugget #5: Real-time Colour Picker – Find the #HTML or RGB Colour of Anything in Seconds!

It’s a Beauty Contest…

wpwebgraphicsit’s an odd thing to realise it, but when you take a moment or two to think about it, it really is pretty inescapable…

You may not want to admit it, you don’t even have to like it, but…

Whether you want it or not, your site is in a beauty contest, every second of every day!

Every time a visitor hits your site they are immediately judging your site on it’s looks…

Whether it catches their eye…

Whether it look professional…

Whether they like the graphics…

You visitors will judge your site in seconds on what they see!

AND if they don’t like it they’re gone, and all your hard work getting people to visit your site in the first place has been wasted…

The days of being able to get away with a basic WP theme and a pic or two are gone, your site needs to look good, fact.

Even Google are looking for you to have engaging graphics on your site.

Using Social Media For Automated Traffic

[aka Making Your content Go Viral Just Got Easier...]

A revolutionary new plugin has been released that can triple your blog traffic by compelling people to share your content and images on social media.

But, it does a whole lot more than that, watch the video at the bottom of this post to see this powerful plugin in action…

here’s a bit of a FAQ info for you about the plugin to help you decide whether it’s right for you: -

Who is this plugin for?

~ Marketers
~ WordPress users
~ Bloggers
~ Kindle Authors
~ Offline Business Consultants
~ Amazon Marketers
~ Affiliate Marketers
~ Local Business Owners
~ Traffic; SEO Consultants
~ Social Media Consultants
~ Content Marketers

Why You Need This Plugin Now!

~ Social Sharing is a primary objective for all marketers to increase TRAFFIC
~ Images are shared more than any other type of content
~ Your prospects suffer with sharing icon blindness
~ Viral content is 93% images shared on Facebook
~ Facebook is competing with Google for search engine status
~ Getting prospects to FIND you and your content

WordPress Store Builder Theme

covertstorebuilderYou can do what with WordPress?

There’s a new WordPress theme that’s been released this week that is perhaps the most cutting edge theme I have ever seen, in fact, calling it a theme hardly does it justice.

Covert Store Builder lets you run a fully functional affiliate store, straight from your WordPress blog!

Complete with…

1. Real members joining your site and generating sales for you on autopilot.

2. Full auto responder integration, your members will automatically be added to your lists so you can sell to them over and over again

3. Automatic traffic generation with Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. Including Facebook comments!

4. You can fill your sites with quality products and content in minutes – without ever writing a single word yourself

5. It’s the world’s first intelligent self optimizing affiliate store theme – automatically maximizing your commissions and profits

6. Full monetization, including a very clever wish list feature I have never seen in WordPress before.

In fact I have NEVER seen any of this in a WordPress theme before.

Running WordPress Locally on your PC or MAC

1bWordPress is great right up until something breaks, which happens more often than it should…

Now you don’t have to worry about any of your visitors or customers seeing your site when it’s broken, check out how to develop on WP like a Pro here: -


**Note: The price more than doubles on June 1st!

The sheer volume of plugins and themes available for WordPress is a big part f what makes it such a great way to build web sites, but it’s also a big part of the problem…

with so many themes and plugins, they don’t all play well together, and you don’t know which new plugin or theme is going to break your site.

if you’re trying things out live then the moment you break the site everyone of your visitors and customers is going to see it and know…

NOT the impression you want to make, right?

No problem, with this new Pro WP tool you can do all your site development and testing locally on your PC, MAC or laptop…

Heri Rosyadi Kasep2 WP Theme

Fast, clean, highly optimizable, pro theme, with developer rights included…

we seem to be on a bit of a roll with cool themes over the last week or two, here’s another one that I like, it’s super fast loading, and we all know Google lovers fast page load speeds

Kasep2 WP Theme



it’s got all the SEO bits you need, like: -

~ Breadcumbs
~ Rich Snippets Ratings
~ Authorship
~ H1 Titles


it’s got the most useful widget stuff you need already built in, like: -

~ Banner Ads
~ Facebook Like
~ Flickr Pics Gallery
~ Popular Posts
~ Recent Posts Carousel
~ Social Feed
~ Tabs

and that’s not all, it’s got a bunch of other built in feature, including: -

~ a Cool & Elegant design
~ Unlimited Color Schemes
~ Completely Mobile Responsive
~ Eye Catching Featured Slider
~ Complete SEO Optimization
~ Integration with GoogleFont
~ Advanced admin UI
~ Built in shortcodes
~ Built in auto related posts
~ Width customization options
~ Dynamic Backgrounds
~ Twitter bootstrap ready
~ Popular posts widget
~ Most Viewed Posts Widget
~ FB OR Default Comment Capabilities
~ Author boxes
~ Auto generated content
~ Multiple post formats